5) Wonderful Tonight

Since this past Christmas we have discussed the possibility of marriage and getting engaged. We visited a few local jewelry stores looking for a ring. I even bought a ‘How To Buy A Diamond’ book since I am the type of person to research financial decisions in depth. All along we understood that we were just looking and I needed to save a little more money before we decide on the ring. All this time I knew that Valentine’s Day would be the day for the big surprise!

I told my girlfriend that we were going to spend the weekend in Toronto. Only her Dad knew the real truth that we were going to Niagara Falls, so that I could ask her to marry me. As we headed away from Toronto I let her know the (first) surprise, we were going to Niagara Falls. It was somewhere we always wanted to visit together.

It was Valentine’s Night 2003 on the 22nd floor in a Sheraton Fallsview Loft Suite overlooking the color illuminated Canadian and Horseshoe Falls. I arranged ‘fake’ 6:30 pm dinner reservations at the hotel’s dining room so that the mood could be set in our room, on a night that would change the rest of our lives. The planned call came to our room; the Room Service Manager said that he would be in the room in 4 minutes. I told my soon to be fiancé that our dinner reservations downstairs will soon be ready. We left the room and visited the various stores near the dining room. Five minutes after I saw the front desk manager walk past us with the last dozen roses, I informed Kashmir that I had (conveniently) forgot our camera in our room. We arrived back in the suite with a candlelight dinner prepared next to the 18-foot window looking down on Niagara Falls. The view was exquisite and the four-dozen roses and countless candles added to the romantic evening. (I had brought the roses, vases, and candles to the hotel’s front desk earlier in the day when I ‘forgot’ her Valentine’s Day card in the vehicle).

Dinner arrived with champagne and two interlocking champagne flutes that were inscribed with ‘Kashmir & Michael, February 14, 2003.’ (I had also delivered these to the front desk earlier in the day). She was happily surprised, but I had to limit her curiosity by informing her that the flutes and champagne were compliments of the hotel’s suite. (This was another white lie). The meal was magnificent as we viewed the water rushing over the brightly colored Falls. We were falling in love all over again as we gazed into each other’s eyes. The night was going perfect and the time was approaching.

Shortly after dinner, came the final preparation. As she freshened up, I quickly prepared for our ‘one shining moment.’ I set up the video camera overlooking our whole room and moved the table over to allow an unobstructed view of the Falls. I picked up the ring box, showed it to the camera, and placed it on top of the armoire next to the window, concealing it behind her Valentine’s Day card.
Just as I started the music (from a CD of love songs I made for her) she entered the room. She accepted my invitation to dance. Eric Clapton’s live version of ‘Wonderful Tonight’ played as we danced and embraced near the window looking down at the purple Falls. We wrapped up in the long drapes (just as she did on a previous vacation); the moment was perfect. I slipped out leaving her still wrapped up, turned slightly to grab the ring, and knelt on my left knee with the ring in my hands out in front of me. She emerged from the drapes and turned around looking at me kneeling in front of her. She was taken aback with surprise! As she looked back at me and the ring, I excitedly and teary eyed said, ‘Kashmir (full name), Will You Marry Me!’ She was completely speechless, waving her arms in front of her face, for what seemed like eternity. Finally, she said YES!
Ironically, after I slipped the ring on her finger we heard Clapton say, ‘Thank You’ and clapping from the crowd. I am very thankful for this Wonderful woman, my fiancé, and we will honor our engagement with marriage next spring.

P.S The videotape of our engagement has brought much joy to our family, friends, and my fiancé and I. We are happy to share our story along with these other wonderful stories and wish everyone planning an engagement the best of luck!

Michael Kresbaugh
Fraser, MI

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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