5) "What A Nice Guy"

Chris and I met in March, 2003. We were both sitting at a boarding area for a flight leaving Logan Airport in Boston for Nova Scotia, Canada. Chris nervously approached me and began a conversation. He was friendly and I found myself thinking "what a nice guy". During our conversation we discovered we were both originally from Canada, he from Prince Edward Island and I from Newfoundland, and we were both living and working in the Boston area.

Soon we had to board our flight. When we got onboard it turned out we were seated in the same row and so we continued our conversation. He asked me how long I had to wait for my connection in Halifax. I had a two hour wait and so did he. He invited me to have lunch with him while we waited and I happily said yes. We continued to get to know each other and at the end of lunch we exchanged numbers, said goodbye and went to our boarding gates to catch our connecting flights.

During my vacation over the next week I wondered if I would hear from him, did he remember when I would be returning? and hoping he didn’t lose my number. I returned to Boston the next week and the following day he called. We had our official first date the next weekend. Over the next several months we both expressed that we knew we wanted to be married but we didn’t want to get engaged until we were ready to set a date and make plans.

In December, 2004 I returned to Prince Edward Island with Chris for the holiday. One day he took me to the church where he went as a child. It’s a beautiful basilica which was being decorated for Christmas services. While I was admiring the interior of the church Chris suddenly turned around, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! We will be getting married in the same church September 16th of this year. We’re both very excited! Even though we never considered ourselves to be religious we had both said shortly after we met that the first time we met was so well planned it had to have been arranged by God.


Proposal Story By:

Kimberly Tapper  

Danvers, MA


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