5) V. Sattui

Kevin took me to San Francisco and Napa Valley for a vacation. When we originally planned the trip he told me that we would NOT be getting engaged while on the trip, and so I was not expecting anything. On the last full day of our trip we toured several wineries in Napa Valley. One of them was V. Sattui, a place that everyone in my family had been to and highly recommended. We walked around the grounds, did some wine tasting and then went downstairs to check out the cellar museum.

While we were down there we saw another tasting room for VIP Members only. Kevin started to walk into the room, but being the rule player that I am I said that we couldn’t go in there because it was for VIP’s only. He said that he was just looking. Then Martin, who worked in the VIP Club invited us to come in and do some tasting. I hesitantly followed Kevin in there.

Martin asked what I would like to taste and I said Merlot. He suggested that I start with something else so I obliged and had some Pinot. He then began a friendly conversation by asking us where we were from, etc. I was clueless as to anything going on, as I just figured he was a nice guy making conversation. Then he asked if we would like to check out the Gold Room and a 250 year old oak table, so we did.

He left us alone in there and Kevin noticed that there was a bottle of wine on a side table with a cork in it. We were running low in our glasses, so he jokingly told me to look and see what type it was. I picked it up said that it was a Merlot and put it back down. Kevin said, "But what does the label say?". I looked again and it had a beautiful gold-foil label on it that said "More today than yesterday, Erin and Kevin 2005".

By this point he had dropped down on his knee, and was holding a black, velvet box with the diamond ring he had bought from DCI. I just started bawling and said "yes". He had completely surprised me and had set up everything with the winery in advance.


Proposal Story By:

Erin Neville 

Houston, TX


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