5) The true story to the BEST proposal

First, a little history.

Jason and I met via an online dating site. We both were none paying members and I had to get a little creative to let the smart ones figure out my email address to contact me. Jason cracked the code and emailed me (which happened to be on my birthday). We emailed back and forth for a couple weeks and decided to meet at a bar close to my place. We met on a Wednesday night and played pool for 5 hours straight. That weekend we met up again and had our infamous 30 hour date. We have spent every single weekend together since. We have been dating for just over one year when he proposed. We had decided a long time ago to live together because we both knew that we would get married.

The move.

Jason and I started looking for apartments early spring because we were so excited knowing that we were meant to do this (and knowing that my lease didn’t end until fall). We found an amazing deal to sublet a 2 story apartment that we both love; we agreed with the current tenant that we would move in September 15. Every spring and fall I am required to travel to various types of trade shows throughout the season. I found out that I would be in Philadelphia from the 15th until the night of the 17th.

We had to pay and sign the lease the weekend before and Jason had to pick up the keys and started cleaning up the place without me. We talked on the phone every night and I was able to get onto an earlier flight home to see my man.

That night.s

Jason was expecting me, saw me pull up and grabbed the things out of my car. He told me that he wrote me a love letter in puzzle form and I had to go through the apartment grabbing all of the Post-it notes in numerical order to read it. The notes started on the door, went into the bathroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, then up the stairs, around the loft, bedroom, bathroom, down the stairs and around to the lower bedroom. He told me that I needed all 65 Post-it notes to enter the room. This is what the notes said:

Welcome home, my Love. Please follow the notes in numerical order. Put down your bags and get comfortable. Ill be nice and lead you to the bathroom first. Come in (even if you don’t have to go). Pardon me if my Cock is in the way. Please, sit. here. or here (just be careful of the cheek-spreader). Now that I have your attention My Dearest Brittany. Its hard to believe that an entire year has passed since we first met in person. (Are we done in here yet?). Time really flies when you’re having fun. But on the other hand, I cant believe that only a year has passed. During our relationship. I’ve never felt as close to. and comfortable with. another person as quickly. and thoroughly. as I did (and do) with you. From our first communications via email, I knew I wanted to meet you. From our first meeting. I knew I wanted to see you again. By our second date. I knew I never wanted to leave your side. From then on. time. E.x.p.a.n.d.e.d. and. contracted. The days away from you. lasting far too long, the time with you. much too short. As the weeks and months went by. my love for you continued to deepen, my desire to be with you. (your closet, by the way). became even stronger. and my assuredness. in the fact that I want to spend. the rest of my life with you. became absolute. My future is with you. through all our adventures. Whether they be personal milestones, career change, moves, or having children. You will be right there with me. and I promise to be right there with you. I love you SO much, and I just want to make you HAPPY and comfortable. and giggly and sappy and pregnant (eventually) and feel sexy. And otherwise just be in a better mood than when I’m not around. Admission 65 Post-it notes.

When I got to the door, I knocked and he said I could enter. My breath stuck in my throat. He had stenciled the lyrics to our song, You and I, sang by Michael Buble’. He started to play the song and we danced our first dance ever. During the song he told me that he wanted to marry me (which was a common occurrence), when the song ended he asked me and I said of course. He uncovered a makeshift table and there were three coffee mugs turned upside-down. He told me to pick one (not the back one), so of course I picked the back one first which has the ring that I love and never want to take off. Out of curiosity I looked under the other two, one has a Ring Pop and the other had an ugly ring for $39.99 (inside joke with my parents).


I am so thankful that I found the man of my dreams and that I know without a doubt that he loves me as much as I love him. I cannot wait to marry him, have his children and grow old with him. I never thought that I would ever be as truly happy as I am with him. I am going to live everyday to show him how much he means to me.

Proposal Story By:

Brittany Phillips

Aurora, IL


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