5) The Photo Album of Us

My girlfriend and I both had a huge love for photography, good music, traveling, and the outdoors. I told her that we were going to have an adventure week during our spring break, since school and work had kept us pretty couped up. What she didn’t know was that during the 3 weeks prior to spring break I had been working harder on my engagement plans then on all my papers and tests for school!

At one point, she slightly suspected something, but I finally convinced her that I wasn’t going to be asking for a while by stressing how hard

school was. The adventure week was a perfect set up… Every day we went off and did something adventurous, always taking pictures and

talking of our distant future together.

For our last adventure, I suggested driving up to a spot up in the mountains to watch the sunrise (she didn’t know I had driven up there every weekend until I was sure I found the perfect spot). It had been raining, but God gave us a perfect early morning. It was even warmer than usual!

I picked her up at 4 with hot chocolate, and popped in a mix CD I had put together with the hour long drive in mind. It couldn’t have been

more perfect for the drive. Every song had her saying something like "I love this song, ah – this is so perfect!." I almost lost it on the way

up – I was so excited and she had no clue! Although she was curious how i had so much energy! Haha..

We got there while it was still dark. Over candlelight and under warm blankets we shared some bible verses, and prayed. I pulled out a photo album that I had made, and she was stoked because I had been taking a bunch of photos lately and hadn’t shown her any of them! I told her to flip through it slowly, because it was a special kind of photo album.

It began with two grave stones, then two old people, – going backwards in time – she began to figure out the couple was us and that every photo was fake! I am a graphic artist, so I really made the picture look real. I had even superimposed our faces on to the elderly couples faces! The book had pictures of us traveling all around the world (which is something we always talk about) and at the end was a picture of us getting married, and finally a picture of me on one knee at the very spot we were sitting. When she looked over at me in joyful tears, I had the ring out and asked her to marry me. We rolled around crying and laughing – and I presented her an armful of roses, and started cooking breakfast. when the sun came up more we could see a perfect view – 360 degrees. It was breathtaking. I told her that I wanted to start everyday with her for the rest of my life. We took pictures of each other since no one else was around to take one of the two of us I put the 2 pictures together to create one final fake photograph! In all the excitement, she forgot to say yes until about 30 minutes later…Haha…


Proposal Story By:

Austin Curtis

Santa Barbara, CA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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