5) The "Necklace"


My husband and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary November 4, 2002! And this is our story:

After work one evening my future husband had cooked us a beautiful dinner but I had noticed he was not quite himself. Cutely bugging my to change my clothes and relax! I finally gave in and went upstairs to do just that. At the top of the stairs I could see something but being that it was dark I was hesitant to find out what I was until I put a light on.

To my surprise it was a small black box with a gold ribbon on it. I had no clue!!!! I immediately went downstairs and sat down. Not sure if I had opened the box yet my future husband asked well what do you think? My reply was I don’t know I haven’t opened it yet!

Not knowing what to say he said something like I hope you like the necklace. I was not sure what one to get you! When I finally opened the box I was puzzled expecting a necklace he got down of one knee are proposed!

Shortly after accepting the proposal and wiping the tears from my eyes the phone rang and it was my mom. She was the first to hear the news!

Later that weekend we drove up to Michigan to visit my mom who was helping my grandmother prepare for a big change in her life. She was moving to Nevada to be closer to her daughters and their families. While unpacking a closet up stairs we came across a mystery box. It was my grandmothers wedding dress! She had forgotten she had packed it away there some years ago. I tried it on and to my surprise FIT perfectly! Neither my mom nor my aunt was able to wear it when they had gotten married. My grandmother was in tears! After having the dress cleaned I was unable to wear it for my big day due to its fragile state. I however hold the memory of those two-days close to my heart.

My purpose in sharing our story is since our engagement my princess cut diamond ring came loose in its setting and needed repairs. No big deal right! WRONG the jeweler chipped my diamond and has since gone bankrupt leaving us chipped in love. At this point in time I know my husband would love to replace the diamond for me but can’t afford to. I know our story is not as romantic as some but it is our beginning together and we proud of it!

I am lucky to have found someone so special to share my life with Happy Anniversary Dereck!

Karissa Haskell,
Las Vegas, NV

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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