5) The Auction

On July 1, 1983, my fiancé suggested we
go to an auction in Rohoboth Beach Delaware. This was no big deal
because we had gone many times before. The auction sold oriental
rugs, paintings and jewelery, among other things. During the auction,
one of the auctioneers brought a tray of diamond rings to where
I was sitting. The tray included diamond solitare rings, diamond
and ruby, diamond and emerald and diamond and sapphire rings. When
the auctioneer asked which i liked best, I said I could not decide
they were all so pretty. Unlike most nights, this one evening, the
auctioneer pressed me for an answer. Ifinally told him that I liked
a diamond and sapphire ring the best. A short time later, a ring
that looked like that ring went up for auction. While the bidding
was going on, I told my fiancé that was the ring I had looked
at. He told me he didn’t think so. In less than two minutes the
ring sold, much faster than normal.

While I was asking my fiancé who had bought
the ring, the auctioneer came over to me with a little black box.
Inside was the ring I had selected. I was stunned. My fiancé
had bid on the ring and I had not even seen him bid. I was speechless
for a moment and ran out on to the boardwalk with my fiancé.
There must have been 200 people at the auction including my fiancé’s
parents. As I grabbed my finacé, I think everyone had figured
out what had just happened and everyone was smiling as we left.
I practically shouted at my fiancé, "Where should I
wear the ring?" He told me wherever I thought best. I told
him that if I wore it on my right hand it would mean one thing and
that if I wore it on the left it would me another.

He said wear it where you think best. I then asked
him whether this meant he wanted to spend the next fifty years with
me. He responded by asking if I had something planned after that.
I put the ring on my left hand and we went to get a bottle of champagne.
We are still married with three beautiful children.

Susan Green

Washington, DC


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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