5) Lifelong Roommate

I told her she needed to bring me to the Baltimore
airport (about 1 hours away), for a 5:45am flight as I was going
on a business trip. She told me that I was nuts, and to drive myself.
The day before I was supposed to go, her boss called her and informed
her that she neeeded to be at a breakfast meeting in Baltimore at
8:00am. So she decided to drive me up there bags, golf clubs and

Well I had her pull into the satalite parking area, as I was meeting
everyone else there. I had her park, and then told her that I lied
and was not going on a business trip. She looked at me (again like
I was nuts). I then pulled out two tickets, and told her we were
flying to the Bahamas…right now! Her boss helped me out a little
with this one. I had her bags packed, even had her golf clubs. We
weren’t even living together at the time…I even had all of her

Well we went through security…and I realized the ring was in my
pocket. Beads of sweat started pouring off my face as I thought
I was going to be busted. But I made it through….yahoo!

So later that day, we were in the Bahamas, and she still couldn’t
believe it. We spent the day at the beach, swimming and goofing
around. That night we went out, did a little gambling, then had
dinner. I was so nerveuos I could barely eat. She wanted to go back
out to do some more gambling, but I said I wanted to go for a walk
on the beach…so we did.

So Imagine this, a perfect moonlit night, just the two of us on
the beach, my pants rolled up around my ankles as I carried my shoes,
with the waves crashing at our feet. There was absolutely no one
around, we had the entire beach to ourselves. She had been thinking
about getting a roomate in her condo. I asked her if I could be
her roomate…yes she looked at me like I was nuts. Then I asked
if I could be her roomate for the rest of her life! Needless to
say…she said yes.

Ken Edwards

Alexandria, VA


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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