5) Julia by the Beatles

David popped the question on Saturday, December 10. He told me he was going to give me my early Christmas presents because I could really

use it for our family "Christmas Pictures." Naturally, I was a little bummed because I hate opening presents early but once he explained that I was going to be getting a spa treatment, I willingly accepted.

He woke me up at 7am on Saturday morning (I’m not exactly a morning person so I was a little grumpy) and prompted me to jump in the shower and quickly get dressed. Begrudgingly, I took a quick shower, threw on my sweatpants, my favorite D.J. t-shirt, Nic’s flip-flops and sped out the door. David had an elaborate story-the story was that he had purchased a spa package but the place he purchased it from could not redeem the entire package in one day due to the holidays. Instead, he split them up between different spas and we were on our way to one for a facial.

When we arrived at Spa Platinum, it was 7:30am, the doors were locked and the lights were out. He acted a little surprised and continued driving past the place, through a perfect little neighborhood and slowed down at an adorable friendly house for rent. The house was clearly out of our budget but he pointed it out anyways and asked if I would like to live in a place similar! I gave my opinions excitedly and we drove off. We drove back to the Spa Platinum only to find the doors still locked. We sat patiently for a few minutes until I suggested knocking on the door , we did and the spa owner smiled and unlocked the door. She invited us into her perfectly designed and deliciously scented spa, sat us down on the softest brown leather couch while she finished preparing for my spa facial. I’ve never had a facial before so I was pretty excited, regardless of the sleep still stuck in the corner of my eye.

After the hour and a half princess pampering, I stumbled out relaxed and refreshed. David was waiting for me in the front, smiling and gushing as usual. He thanked the spa owner with a huge grin and handshake and we were off. Naturally I was starving after all the action so he suggested we go to Einstein Bagel’s for a quick bite to eat. I managed to get three bites down before he glanced at his watch, grabbed my bagel and my napkin and rushed me out the door. We quickly drove to our next location, flip-flops and all! I was secretly wishing I had on makeup and at least a clean t-shirt but those thoughts were pushed aside when we pulled into a nail salon where I was scheduled to receive a manicure. David asked the receptionist how long I would be, kissed me and told me he would return when I was finished.

My nails were almost done up all shiny and Christmas-red when David returned, happy as can be. He picked up my purse, thanked the nail

technician and led me to the car. By this time I was pretty excited to find out where we were headed next. The pampering was getting to my head and I asked where we were going. He didnt exactly tell me, he smiled and pulled into our next destination, a relaxation clinic. Wow, was I

ecstatic. First a facial and paraffin dip, then a hand massage and manicure, now and body massage! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

You might be wondering if I knew he was going to propose but I didn’t. I honestly thought he was buying a ring from a friend of a friend and I knew he had not made the trip to that jewelry store yet, little did I know he had purchased the ring days before.

After a half an hour back massage, I floated out to the waiting room to find David waiting with my pretty black outfit, silver shoes and costume

jewelry to put on for our Christmas pictures. I took the clothes, went into the restroom and changed. By this time, I finally started to feel as pretty outside and I did inside. Conveniently located next to the massage spa was J. Con., one of the nicest hair salons in St. Petersburg. David pulled into the parking lot, walked me inside hand in hand and led me to my hair specialist. He told me he would return when I was finished and left me in great hands to get my hair cut and styled. By this time I was sure he wasn’t going to ask. "He has this way to throwing me off to keep me guessing," I complained to the stylist. The stylist quickly had her way with me, cutting, blow-drying and straightening until I was breathtakingly beautiful. I nervously left the chair, walked to the front of the salon only to find David was not waiting. I stood there for a few moments wondering what to do and decided to call him except I realized that I didn’t have my phone on me. The front desk personnel were friendly enough to let me use their phone. I dialed David and he sounded frantic, he told me that he was in the middle of something and that he would call my mom to come and pick me up. You would think that by this time it would have been obvious that something was going down but I was oblivious to that fact. I was high from all the pampering and was trying not to be selfish or disappointed after all I had already received. Mom showed up moments later and we headed over to my brother’s before pictures. She gave me some elaborate lie about why David couldn’t make it to pick me up. I knew she was lying, she’s the worst liar. I held my breath as we drove to Joe’s house while she went on and on about nothing.

We arrived at my brother’s moments later. I saw my son, Nic, waiting at the bottom of the three of flight stairs leading up to Joe’s apartment. He was all dressed up with a big smile waiting for me to walk up. As I slowly moved towards him I looked up and notice a friend of mine, my heart sank. I knew this was it and wanted to run up the stairs in excitement. I began the longest stair climb of my life, Nic handed me three roses and laughed something about pictures. The first flight of stairs blocked my view of the line of people waiting to greet me. First there was Maria and Jenna, my best friend and her daughter. Maria was crying hysterically and hugged me tight. She handed me a rose and told me she loved me. Then Jenna, then Ryan (our cupid) then on and on to each of my closest friends and relatives, each handing me a rose and telling me they loved me as I ascended. Finally, I reached the top floor to see my grandfather standing at the door with his camera. "You should see the look on your face right now," he laughed snapping pictures and handing me a rose with an, "I love you."

I opened the door slowly; saw my Nonna holding my newborn niece and three roses. She had huge tears in her eyes as she offered me, "I love

you." The room was full of sound, the Beatles singing Julia of course. I turned the corner to find David smiling from ear to ear. I put the roses on the counter and stared at him in delight. It took a moment for me to come back down to earth and I finally heard him start to speak. He told me he loved me and adorned me with all the reasons why. My family scattered in the background, some moving back out of the way, a few

right behind me slowly moving closer to try and hear. David began to explain to me what he was trying to get across. He said and I quote, "You

are made up of five nationalities, Greek, Turkish, French, Italian and English. I want to say this to you in each of your languages so that all of

you hears what I have to say." He bent down on one knee and then he pulled out a note and began to ask me in each language. As he held my

left hand, eyes full of tears, he said, "Julia, will you marry me?" Now here’s the funny part-I froze. I didn’t know what to say because he wasn’t

holding a ring! He looked up at me in wonder and then exclaimed, "Oh, the ring!" He quickly rose and turned to the record player pl
aying my

song, grabbed the ring of the platter and bent back down. He held up the biggest, most beautiful diamond I had ever laid eyes on and I said, "Yes!" Then, he stood up, gave me a big kiss and said, "Remember that house for rent we looked at this morning?" I said, "Yes." "Well, that’s the house were moving into next week." I cried huge tears of joy!

Proposal Story By:

Julia Harris

St. Petersburg, FL


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