5) I Can't Imagine My Life Without You

After 5.5 years of dating we finally got engaged. For my birthday (March 10) my boyfriend gave me a 6 hr. day at the Houstonian Spa reservation(www.trellisspa.com)! He set this up for Good Friday, April 14th. I was pampered all day. A lady delivered a beautiful bouquet of flowers to me right before my lunch and the card said "Nikki, let’s celebrate your moving to Houston. I have a room at the Houstonian, a key will be waiting for you at the front desk and there will be clothes for you in the room. Meet me in the Lobby bar at 6:45" For a brief moment I thought, is he going to propose but then talked myself out of it because he had always told me that he would do it at home when I was least expecting it.

So I finished the rest of my day at the spa (part of which included make-up) Went to the room where there were MORE flowers waiting for me, this time roses, deep, velvety, red roses. I met Josh in the lobby bar. Then he took me to dinner at this place called Tony’s (www.tonyshouston.com/) we had the most amazing dinner and everything was PERFECT! Then as we are waiting for our car to take us back

to the hotel, he said, "Did you have a good day? Your day couldn’t get any better than this, could it" And of course I said "nope couldn’t get any better than this. but I’ll take this treatment once a month ;-)"

At the hotel he opened the door and there were rose petals all over the room, there were 2 hearts formed on the bed in rose petals. Then he got down on his knee and said "I can’t imagine my life without you, will you marry me" Then we drank the Dom Perignon he had waiting for us chilled in a silver bucket.

The previous Monday, Josh was supposed to be out of town on business, in Denver. However, I found out that he actually went to St. Louis to meet with my parents, take them to dinner and ask them for their blessing.

Proposal Story By:

Nicole Seavey

Houston, TX


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