5) Happy New Year

I had an idea that the question was coming because after 5 years of dating and great mortgage rates, we decided to buy a house prior to any engagement talk. New Year’s Eve arrives and I had a feeling that it was the night. We had a special dinner planned and I was feeling the vibe. Turns out, my man got the flu and was stuck in bed sleeping most of the night. I felt the ring in the room, so I searched knowing that he was never very good at hiding things. Finally I found it.

For three hours while he was sleeping I paraded around with a beautiful Marquise on my finger. I kept tip-toeing it back to the box after short intervals. I went on to the web and read everything that Fred has ever said about a diamond: the fog test, flourescence, bow-ties. After each fact I read, I would take out the ring and put it to the test. Finally, I decided not to push my luck any longer and I left it in its hiding place. The whole night went by and nothing. The next night went by and we ordered a nice dinner (New York City delivery.)

I thought, he put it in my food. Nope. He put it in my dessert. Nope. After dinner I looked to the hiding place and noticed the box was gone. Then I looked at him in his pajamas (still sick) and noticed the shape of the box bulging out of his pants pocket. It was so cute and obvious that had I not known it was coming, I would have definitely asked what was in his pants! Three hours went by and still nothing. I decided to set the mood. He sat on the couch and I sat next to him. Still, no go. Finally, I gave him a friendly punch in the leg and said, “you know, you have been walking around for hours with a mysterious box in your pocket.”

He said “I was going to put it on your pillow when you brushed your teeth before bed.” We kissed and he asked me to marry him. The rest is history. The best part is that the ring is a family heirloom which originated with his grandmother. Very special ring from the best guy in the world!

Wendy Silverman,
New York, NY


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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