5) Halloween Party

Chris and I had been talking about getting married
for some time when one day he promised me that he was going to propose
by the end of the year – but I would have no idea when. He teased
that he was going to wait until New Year’s Eve or until after the
holidays so I couldn’t show my family the ring! He even asked me
how I felt about flying given the September 11th events and wouldn’t
give me any other details.

I was so excited and bursting with anticipation
that I didn’t pick up on what was going on behind the scenes. Chris
had been planning this black tie Halloween party for his work and
suggested that we stay overnight at a nearby hotel to make the night
like a “date."

On the night of the party, I was running late
from work and when I got home, Chris was so handsomely dressed in
his tux and had my dress out and ready to go. He quickly helped
me get dressed and when we got in the car, he reached into the back
seat and handed me a dozen roses! I was so excited and thought to
myself, “we should do this date thing more often!”

He also handed me a big present but told me that
I was not allowed to open it until later. We left the house to take
our dogs to his mom’s for the night when Chris suddenly “remembered”
that he forgot something at home in the shed that his mom needed.
When we got home, he told me to wait in the truck so I wouldn’t
get dirty and then said that if I wanted I could go ahead and open
the gift while he went to the shed.

It was a photo album that he had put together.
Combined with color and black/white photos, the pages read: “Will
you go for walks with me? Will you admire nature with me? Will you
sit and talk with me? Will you enjoy life with me? Will you take
care of us? Will you have children with me? Will you get old with
me? Will you love me forever? Will you …” My heart was pounding,
tears were streaming down my face, and my mind was racing. Could
this be it? No – we are flying somewhere. He couldn’t have had better
timing when he came from around the corner of the house and asked
if I could come hold the flashlight because he was having trouble.

He held out his arm for me to hold onto and as
we rounded the corner of the house I saw it. Fifteen pumpkins all
lit up, one letter per pumpkin: Will you marry me? I didn’t even
notice but he was already down on one knee and asked me to marry
him. I, of course, said yes through the tears and we hugged for
several minutes until I could stop crying. I took a ton of pictures
and we got back into the car.

Now I’m still thinking that we have this Halloween
party to go to until Chris makes the wrong turn on the highway.
He’s not very good with directions, but you would think that he’d
know how to get to his own place of work! We were going the completely
opposite direction and he kept “missing” places to turn around.
He insisted that we were going to a Halloween party but I didn’t
realize until we got there that we were the only attendees. He had
rented a cabin with a fireplace and hot tub and that night he cooked
me the best meal I’ve ever had. He also presented me with one last
gift: A bottle of my favorite wine in which he had a customized
label made with the date he proposed and a special message just
for me. To this day, I don’t really know if there was a Halloween
party at his work or not!

Tami Warnock,

Blacklick, OH


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