5) Gaby

Gaby has been my best friend for more than
4 years now. So, you can imagine that if anything was bothering
him, emotionally or physically, I would do anything to help. That’s
why when Gaby started complaining of chest pains at the beginning
of March, I was immediately concerned. Seeing as though I am an
x-ray technician I agreed that we could meet up one afternoon after
work so I could take his chest x-ray. However, despite my efforts
to invite him to take the x-ray, many weeks had gone by, and still
no x-ray.

Finally it was April 9, 2003, the night before
our 4th year anniversary. “So what do you want to do tomorrow night, Gab?” “Well, let’s go for dinner and then we can catch a movie.”
Typical, but good enough for me.
“Hey, Stef, maybe tomorrow night I can pass by your work and before we head out,
you can take the x-ray, would that be good?” “OK, that would be perfect.”

Five o’clock finally rolled around on the afternoon
of our anniversary. Anxious about the evening, and totally forgetting
about the x-ray I promised Gaby, I
quickly closed all the x-ray machines at just the same
moment the maintenance man came in for our semi-annual “tune-up.” As I swung
my bag over my shoulder, the phone rang. Gaby was letting me know that he would
be coming up in a few minutes for his X-ray. I had completely forgotten! I immediately
tried to convince him out of the idea. Under the circumstances, it would have
been easier to do it another night. What was one more night, after all?

let me feel guilty for not keeping the promise and said it wouldn’t take
long. I felt ill at ease for
asking the maintenance man to hold off on his job so that I could just take
2 more x-rays. Gaby finally arrived and I hurried him into the
stall, told him
to throw on a gown and pretty much rushed him into
the room.

I finally brought him into the room. I had noticed
Gaby was acting a bit strange. Firstly he didn’t put
a gown on but rather kept his undershirt on, and
secondly he gave a bit of a hard time while I was
trying to position him for the X-ray. Frankly, I was
a bit annoyed, again under the rushed circumstances
and also because of the hint of uncooperative behavior that I was sensing
from Gaby. After opening all the machines up again, I quickly
slipped the film into
the developing machine. In the meantime I wished Gaby a happy anniversary.
Ninety seconds was up and my fingers were feeling the processed
film making its way
slowly out. I grabbed the 14 by 17 inch film and placed it on the lit view

It took me a few minutes for my eyes to fixate,
but when they did, I was astounded!
Instead of the usual set of black lungs that would appear on the view box,
there was something different about this picture. Anything made
of wire or metal would
appear bright on an x-ray. With that in mind, Gaby had molded 5 pieces
of wire into the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” and taped it onto his bare chest so that when
the X-ray came out, those words would be written right across the black set of
I was ecstatic. In the middle of my work area, Gaby
knelt down on one knee, opened up a tiny box
which held a promise ring and then asked,
“Will you make me spaghetti with mushrooms even
if you don’t like mushrooms?” “Yes!!” “Will you grow old with me?” “Yes!!” “Will you make me the happiest man and marry me?” “YESSSS!”
Gaby got up to his feet and I jumped into his
I had tears in my eyes. Attached to the promise ring was tag which read “Together
we will choose a
diamond ring to celebrate our Engagement”.

Being completely shocked, I followed Gaby into
is car where he drove us to the viewpoint of the city, where we
had gone on our first date. He even picked up
2 Rockaberry pie slices and one liter of milk, the same as we had done
4 years ago. But it still wasn’t over. There we were, eating pie
when Gaby pulled out
a laptop he borrowed from work. The movie we had gone to see on our first
date was downloaded on the screen. I just couldn’t believe it.
Gaby had completely
relived our entire first date, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
I was sitting on top of the city, with my x-ray in the back seat,
stuffing my face
with banana chocolate pie watching a romantic movie (well, sort of) in
the back seat of a car with the man I adored and with whom I was
going to spend the rest
of my life. He even went so far as to wear the same clothes he wore on
our first date. He’s a true romantic and that’s one of the reasons
why I love him so much.
I had it all except the diamond… well, not everything in life is perfect…

Proposal Story By:

Stephanie T

Montreal, PQ

Country: CAN

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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