5) DVD Player

Totally unexpected. For about a year and a half I had been hinting (huge hints!) that I wanted an engagement ring. Finally a discussion came up that Craig really wanted to buy a DVD player and I said, "Not until I get my ring!". One night we were over at a friend’s house watching movies and hanging out finally we decided to go home (about 12 a.m.). When we got home Craig asked me to open the trunk and I thought, "Yahoo, a present for me!"

Craig pulled a box out of the trunk of the car; I had no idea what it was. I looked a little harder and then discovered it was a DVD player. I was livid! I stormed away and went inside the house, When Craig finally got in I said, "I can’t believe you would actually go and buy one without talking to me first." and "I hope you know, you really hurt my feelings!" (He had gone out shopping during the day to buy the DVD player). I had quite a temper tantrum. I was crying, throwing things around like a big baby, and acting extremely irrational (Basically, I could have won an Oscar for this performance!). Finally, I was so upset that I went to bed (not to sleep–way to angry to sleep).

Craig continued setting everything up and silently laughing at me. A while later, Craig called me out into the living room to see the new "set-up." I was very hesitant but went anyway (I’m a sucker!). He was busy showing me how to do this and how to do that. Finally he was showing me the remote control and how to open slot where you put the DVD and the DVD player was saying "ERROR" (He intentionally left one battery out of the remote control). I stormed over to the DVD player to push the "Open" button on the DVD and when the place to insert a disk opened there was a CD in it and it said, (Craig had taken an old CD and written on it with a marker) "Melissa, Will you marry me?" I was a little confused. (I had to read it a couple of times.)

I turned around to look at him for some clarification and he was down on one knee with ring in hand and asked me again. I was shocked and speechless (that doesn’t happen very often!) I started crying and laughing and finally said "Yes." I had been bugging Craig for so long to hurry up and ask me to marry him but with the way things went I am extremely happy that he didn’t do it a minute sooner!

Melissa Hawrelechko,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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