5) Dinner and a Movie

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My name is Emily Weaver, and I couldnIt have imagined a more wonderful proposal than the one with which my fiancee, Jason Sikorski, surprised me. He and I just graduated from the University of Notre Dame this past May, and have been together for nearly four years, meeting the first week of our freshman year.

The proposal happened this past February 7th, 2002, and still makes me tear when I think back upon it. It was a normal Thursday evening, two days before his birthday, and since we didnIt have any classes scheduled for Friday, we decided (although now I realize it was part of his plan) to go out to dinner and to a movie, something we hadnIt had time for in a while.

He picked up the tickets to a 10:30 showing of A Walk to Remember after his classes…I had wanted to see it and was pleasantly surprised that he decided to cave and give in. He picked me up at my apartment, and we headed off to a nice dinner. After we had finished our meal, we drove to the multiplex to see the show. We bought some popcorn and a drink, and settled into the theater about ten minutes before showtime. The theater was completely empty, which wasnIt a very big deal since a late weeknight movie in South Bend isnIt usually too filled…it had happened to us before.

When the movie started, no one else had come in, so we sat back and enjoyed the privacy. Everything was completely normal until about an hour into the film, when the projector just seemed to break down and the movie stopped. We sat there for awhile in surprise, and after a few minutes Jason decided to leave and let someone know.

As I sat by myself in the empty theater, after a few minutes I saw two guys working in the projection booth to fix the problem. They had started rolling the advertisement slides on the screen, probably to see exactly what was wrong. ThatIs when it started: After a couple ads, there was nothing on for a minute or so, and then appeared this new slide…deep pink background with white lettering. It was a poem by Christopher Marlowe, yet what it said I could not have told you at that moment. I was in total shock and disbelief…it began nCome live with me and be my love…i Then another slide, beginning nMy dearest Emily…i in which he began to tell me how much he loved me, how much I meant to him, and how he longed to start our life together. The tears started forming at this point…it was all so beautiful.

There were 6 slides in all, each with his prose so poetic and captivating that I felt lost in a Shakespearean play (a plus to dating an English major). In addition, on the slides he had included pictures of us from over the years, reminding me of all the beautiful memories weId made. The last slide ended with nI graciously have but one more thing to add,i and just as I finished reading these very words, he entered the theater dressed in a tuxedo and carrying a dozen longstem red roses in his left arm, a ring box in his right. He walked down the aisle and took my hand, guiding me out of the row. As I stood there, he handed me the flowers, got down on his knee, and opened the box. The ring was amazingly beautiful, and I was speechless and shaking. The box even had a built-in light when it opened, to shine on the ring in the dimmed theater. There he professed his love, asked me to give him the greatest birthday present he could ever want, and asked me to marry him.

Everything went by in a blur, and I could barely whisper a reply, I was so overwhelmed and amazed. After a few moments gaining my senses in the theater, we left and were enthusiastically applauded by the theaterIs staff. Yet his planned touches werenIt done yet. As we drove back to my apartment in his car, the CD player was set to immediately play several of our favorite lovesongs, which brought me to tears yet again. And finally, as we opened the door to my apartment, we were greeted by our closest friends, all gathered and awaiting with a champagne toast for the two of us. This day was like a dream come true, a real life fairy tale. Later I discovered how he had to design the slides, reserve the theater, arrange the nbreakdown,i hide the tux and flowers, plan the CD, and tell our friends, all without my knowing. It was an evening and moment I will never forget, and am so looking forward to our wedding in June 2003.

Emily Weaver,
Portland, OR

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