5) Burning Desire

I knew that Larry was thinking about asking me
to marry him, but he assured me he would never do something so cliché
as to propose on Valentines Day. I agreed with him that it would
be contrived on that day, feeling a teeny bit disappointed but believing
his proposal would come another day.

When February 14 arrived, Larry presented me with
flowers and earrings and promised to make me a romantic dinner.
A fondue for two. We would sit together and leisurely talk with
plenty of time to gaze into each other’s eyes over a relaxing amorous
dinner. Nice I thought. A nice night.

Before dinner, I went upstairs for a shower and
when I stepped out of the water, I smelled smoke. I wrapped myself
in a towel and rushed downstairs to see Larry dancing around with
a dishtowel, swatting out flames in the middle of the dining room
table. The fondue had started on fire!

I couldn’t understand why Larry was so upset.
No big deal, I told him, we’d just whip up a stir-fry with the cut
up vegetables and meat. He was fairly inconsolable, and almost looked
like wanted to cry. "This is not the way I planned it,"
he moaned. "Don’t worry" I told him and went upstairs
and threw on some comfy sexless clothes and left my hair damp and
hanging around my face, sans make-up on and came down to cook up
the dinner.

Larry was still disappointed and acted funny all
through dinner but I shrugged it off. When we finished eating, he
suddenly literally just stood up, looking even greener and more
nauseous, and then he fell to his knees and pulled a ring box out
of his pocket. He opened up the box and inside was a huge sparkling
one-carat diamond.

It was so unsuspected, that I started to laugh.
Here I was sitting in a room that still smelled of smoke, with awful
looking hair, sweats on and not a stitch of make up on my face.
I felt like a bum and three quarters believed that he was just joking
around and that the beautiful ring he was presenting to me was a
fake. When he seriously sputtered out the sweetest words I have
ever heard and asked me to be his wife, very solemnly and seriously
tears sprung to my eyes and I answered, YES!

Talk about a night of sparks.

Janet Gurtler,

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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