5) Blue Plate Cafe

On our first date Megan and I went to the Blue
Plate Cafe where we painted some ceramics to be glazed and put
in a kiln. On that day one year later, I asked Megan if she wanted
to eat at Fire and Ice in Middlebury to celebrate our one year
anniversary. I had already planned on Megan saying yes so I made
reservations for one of our favorite restaurants ahead of time.
We had been here before on Megan’s birthday and the wait staff
came out with dessert singing “Happy Birthday” to her and took
a picture of the embarrassing moment.

So we arrived at the restaurant and I told Megan
I had some coffee samples to drop off (good thing I sell coffee
for a living) and I brought in a box of coffee to give to the restaurant.
Buried under coffee at the bottom of the box were some directions
along with a plate. A plate that I had painted bright blue a few
weeks prior at the Blue Plate Cafe. We enjoyed a great meal and
we decided to split a Frozen Mud Pie for dessert. As the waitress
walked to our table with the dessert I was relieved to recognize
my blue plate under the pie we ordered.

Megan commented on how much she liked the plate
as the waitress put it down in front of her and I tried not to
smile. So a very painful 15 minutes passed on as I watched the
slowest eater on earth attempt to tackle this frozen mud pie. I
was eating too, but not enjoying the dessert as I was working.
My job was to keep the fudge and melting ice cream away from the
center of the plate without being caught.

Then finally it happened, Megan was grabbing
another fork full when she noticed her name in the center of the
plate. She pushed the dessert to the side and read “Megan Will
U Marry Me”. She was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and covered
her bright red face. Now that she receive written warning, I decided
to ask her verbally to marry me and she answered “Of Course!” while
still covering her face. So… I waited patiently on one knee with
a ring in my hand for her to open her eyes, or should I say the
rest of our life.

Proposal Story By:

Ryan Emmons

Barre, VT


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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