5) An Apology with a Gift

After that I sat and conceptualized my idea and got some help from one of her closest friends to put it together. We kicked around a few dates to do it, but landed on her birthday. We got all her closest friends and family in on it, which made it special but difficult. We figured that would be cool. About a month and a half before I actually proposed I found the ring I wanted, had it modified to fit her style and taste, and then I had it made just for her (No one else has that ring). Of course the actual evening took some planning but it went really well. Okay now that I have set you up, let me get to telling you the story.

The Sunday before the day of the proposal she was at our pastor’s house as is her custom on Sunday afternoons after church. Everyone there (close friends) were teasing her about the fact that she would be with me on her birthday instead of them (they were throwing her off). I called her while she was there and asked her what restaurant she wanted to visit for her birthday. She was undecided. Now of course by this time I had already picked out the restaurant and made the reservations, but I was throwing that out as a diversion. She had even mentioned to me that our pastor had asked her when she would like to be engaged to me and she replied December. So the day of the proposal I asked her again for a suggestion for a restaurant. She mentioned a nice Italian restaurant in Beachwood. So I humored her. A few hours later I called her back with a made up story that the restaurant she chose had a party booked and wouldn’t be able to serve us for a few hours. That’s when I casually suggested that we go to the restaurant that I had made the reservations for. She agreed. Around 5 o’clock I arrived at her house to pick her up.

I was wearing her favorite cologne and her favorite outfit. I took her to the restaurant that I had picked out. Little did she know that I had prearranged with the restaurant staff to make everything go horribly wrong. When we got there I purposely parked on the side of the restaurant (you will see why later). When we got inside I went up first to check on our reservation. They waited about 15-20 minutes to actually seat us. When we were actually seated the waiter took another 20 minutes to even greet us. When the waiter finally got there, he took our drink orders. We both ordered water. He brought her a pink lemonade. We had him send it back. Now as with every Italian restaurant, bread is served before the meal. The waiter brought out our bread and took a piece for himself (I was trying so hard not to laugh). Then she ordered some mozzarella sticks as an appetizer. When the waiter brought out the dish it looked like it had been stepped on (I’m doing everything in my power not to laugh). Now I had to act like I was mad and upset so that she wouldn’t suspect anything was up.

Now all through the night our waiter was doing crazy stuff like that to us. A few times he would come and sit down next to her and talk about his kids and his horrible ex-girlfriend or just a bunch of stuff that had nothing to do with us. Every once and a while I would get up and pretend that I was complaining to the manager, but I was actually going to check the time because I had a schedule of events to follow. Anyway. The night actually starts to go smoothly for us and we were able to enjoy the evening. Finally the owner comes out and apologizes to my fiance (girlfriend at the time) for all the crazy stuff that kept happening. As a consulation (or so she thought), he told her that a party was in earlier and left a bunch of roses behind (they were roses that I bought). He brought her the roses and a gift bag with a gift card and the ring that I bought her. He presented the roses to her and the bag to me. I fished through the bag which contained the card and a bunch of tissue paper covering the ring box. I slid the bag over to her and told her I had to use the bathroom. She leafed through the bag and found the gift card first then as she was about to set the bag aside she noticed the ring box, but it was such an unconventional ring box that she didn’t know what it was upon first glance. She opened the strange box and found her beautiful engagement ring inside.

The look on her face was priceless as she looked around only to see that I was standing right there. I then got down on one knee and proposed. When she accepted my proposal the whole restaurant cheered. The whole restaurant staff including all the waiters and cooks came out to congradulate us as well as inform her that they were all in on it. Little did she know that the whole night was caught on video tape. After we were done with the dinner and proposal I took her by the hand and led her outside where there was a stretch limo waiting to take us back to her house where all of her closest friends and family were waiting to congradulate her on her engagement as well as celebrate her birthday (surprise party). Remember earlier when I said I parked on the side of the restaurant, that was so that one of our friends could come and take my truck back to her house. The night was a huge success and we will remember that for the rest of our lives. Fellas feel free to steal the idea if you can’t find a way to pop the question to your woman. When we are old she will be able to look back on her engagement remember how special it was.


Proposal Story By:

Vencott Palmer

Broadview Heights, OH


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