4) Where the Rocks Are Strewn

To propose to my love, Dawn Roberts, I did the
following: I planned a romantic trip for us through lower Michigan
to Mackinac Island. I drew and painted a treasure map of Mackinac
Island with the following poem: "On your second day in the
afternoon you?ll find your treasure where rocks are strewn. From
the Rock that?s an Arch look East and down, there your treasure
will be found." I aged the map to look at least 150 years old,
and put the map in an aged envelope, sealed it with red wax and
a fleur-de-lis seal, and wrote Dawn?s name on the envelope in 19th
century calligraphy. I had the map sent to the B&B we would
be staying at the day before we went to Mackinac Island, and asked
the owners to help me with my plan. Barb and Gordon, who were in
the Foreign Service and have traveled the world over, own the B&B.
We arrived at the B&B on Saturday night. When we came down for
breakfast in the morning I introduced my fiancé to the owner.
When I said Dawn’s name, Barb said ?Dawn Roberts? Gordon, remember
that letter we got in Jakarta?? While Gordon went to get the envelope
with the map inside, Barb told a story about how 20 years ago they
were handed the letter by a man in the street who told them they
would someday be able to deliver it. Dawn (and the other guests)
were intrigued by the map, which really did look authentic, and
the story. That night we got to Mackinac Island, and in the middle
of the night I left our hotel room and went down to the beach below
Arch Rock and out into the water of Lake Huron where I turned over
rocks to expose their mossless bottoms. On our second day (remember
the poem) we biked on many trails following the map until Dawn found
Arch Rock. When we walked out on the rock she looked East and down
and saw ?MARRY ME? spelled out in the rocks under the water. When
I could tell that she had seen it I got down on one knee and pulled
out a little treasure chest with her engagement ring inside. She
said yes!

John Heinzel,

Racine, WI


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