4) Timing

Paul and I have been together for nearly four years. He has always been a very sensitive and loving man. We had talked about getting married and those close to us sort of anticipated it, but nothing had ever been made official. Alas, this past October, to our delight, it became official.

This Fall, I have been extremely busy and tense between going to school full time and working nearly full time. I have not had many moments to myself or to spend with Paul. So, on Monday, after spending a long day at school and work, I got to Paul’s house around 8 in the evening. He was very excited that we should go out to dinner. Normally, Paul is not particular about making plans, but this night he was insistent, which I will admit made me a little suspicious. I had had a long day, and asked Paul if I could freshen up a little before we went. When I walked into his bedroom, he had candles lit on the table. At the time, he told me he thought they were nice, but later he confessed that he lit them because he wanted to start setting the mood and if possible confuse me so that I wouldn’t suspect his real plan.

Once I was ready to go Paul and I walked out to his car in the driveway. He held open my door for me and my seat was covered with red rose petals. He told me to look into the backseat. In the back there were three long-stemmed red roses and a little white box in the middle of the seat. The box had the word PAST written on it in Paul’s neatest handwriting. I took the box and opened it. Inside, there were more rose petals, photographs of Paul and me at different points in our relationship, little notes from Paul remembering moments from our relationship, and another box labeled PRESENT. The notes that he ha d written to me referred back to our beautiful, heartbreaking, humorous, and intimate moments. He had taken the time to write me over 60 notes to bring back our memories. By the time I made it through only a few of the papers, I was crying over the sensitivity and love of this wonderful man. Paul encouraged me to open the second box. This one was also filled with notes. These notes were position in the box so that they were all that I could see when I looked in it. As I read, each note about the current events and love in our relationship, I folded them back to reveal the final box that had not been visible at first. It was labeled FUTURE. When I pulled out this box, Paul got down on his knee outside the car. When I opened the box, there was a beautiful diamond solitaire ring. Paul said, Will you marry me? I, of course, responded through my tears or joy and love that yes I would. I consider myself an incredibly lucky woman to have such a romantic, charming, and loving man like Paul as part of my life.


Proposal Story By:

Cindy Charvat 

N. Royalton, OH

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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