4) They'll be Together Forever…and Ever…

Dear Diamond Guy,

It may not seem so but I’ve learned that there can be a blur between sadness and romance. This story is not my story but one I feel I have to tell. Thank you for reading.


Molli and I met at the tender age of 4, before a time when self-consciousness reigned and popularity became a contest. We were accidentally introduced when her game of make believe took her directly into my backyard.  We liked each other immediately.

Throughout grade school, she was my best friend and I forever had her back.

"Mollica? What stupid kind of name is that?" a boy once said to her. Compliments of me, he ended up with a face full of mud. Who could have guessed that this boy, this frizzy-haired kid named Randy, would end up being the love of her life.

They dated throughout all of high school and, I must admit, being the third wheel never bothered me. We were a tripod, an inseparable trio of music-making, summer-loving kids.

College came and the once indivisible 3 became 2. I went to a different school but phone calls and holidays kept us all together. Three weeks after graduation, Molli left me the most wonderful message: Randy took her to our elementary, insisting she go see his niece in a play. Once they arrived, she realized there WAS no play. He had setup a picnic in the sandbox where we all first met and proposed before a word had been spoken. She said ‘yes’ immediately. She said there were candles "everywhere" and that he’d given her the "perfect ring." She also said that "they’d be back in a flash" to tell me all about the most "romantic night of her life," but she never made it.

That night, on their way home from what Molli called "the most wonderful night of her life," a drunk driver swerved out of his lane and hit them head-on. They died while I was on my way to see them, images of flowers and candles still in my mind.

I only got to see the "perfect ring" once and it was at Molli’s funeral. I couldn’t even articulate a decent goodbye… and I still can’t.

Molli and Randy were buried next to one another. I miss them so much I can hardly breathe at times.  The only comfort I have is thinking that, somehow, they’re watching over me, making sure I’ll always be all right. They were my best friends.

And so, the saddest event I’ve ever known is also the most romantic because now, they’ll be together forever….and ever.

Proposal Story by:

Kim Reinhart

Green Bay, WI


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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