4) The Wedding Commissioner and The Poem

After I met her in College, I was sure she was the one–even though we were both in relationships at the time. We got close over a few weeks, and let go of our respected relationships to be with one another. This all came after I had made my decision, that since I was a 5th year senior, that I would not get deeply involved with anyone, so that I may make an easy transition into my new life after College….She was a freshman, to make things more interesting.  

After college, I moved away to work for the military, as she remained in college. We decided to make the long-distance relationship attempt. After her sophomore year, she moved away from school to live with me. We were there for about a year together, when I found out I had the opportunity to move to Germany for my work. This was a great opportunity that I could not pass on. She could not make the trip with me as a girlfried, we had to be married.  We made the conscious decision to go to the "Wedding Commisioner" to get married. Of course, we did not tell etiher of our parents. As great as they were, they would not understand why we did it so quickly, and did not wait for them to be a part of it.  

Both of our families came to visit us for Thanksgiving, and I decorated our tiny apartment to make the event special. I let our parents in on the secrest that I was going to propose to her…If you’re following along, you’ll know that we were already married. I gave everyone a Card and had them read it out loud, with her being last. I wrote the best poem, inside ending with a "Will you marry me?" You can imagine her shock, as I slipped an engagement ring on her finger, as tears stolled down her face.

That was nearly six years ago, and we have been constantly moving around, and changing jobs. As all women do, she wants and deserves a memorable wedding, that I have yet to have been able to provide her. We now have two young girls, and her dream of a wedding eclipses more and more every day. She still has yet to finish college as well, which is a promise that she made her mother.  

She rarely complains, but I wish that I were able to provide her the things that she needs in life, as she does for me daily.

Proposal Story by:

Rick Winland

Dover, PA


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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