4) The Valentine's Ball Proposal

Ray and I really love to get away for the weekend, and one place we love to spend time is in Luckenbach, TX at the old dance hall. Two years ago, we discovered an event they hold each year called the Hug-In and it coincides with Valentines Day. We camp on site, have huge bonefires and attend the Valentines Ball on Saturday night – this became a very special place for us, meeting lots of new friends and musicians. This year, a well known Texas Cowboy named Gary P. Nunn was playing and drew quite a crowd for the big ball on Saturday night, February 16. We showed up right at the start at 8:00, and the dance hall was full, about 300 people or so.

We were in the way back, which was fine, but after about 4 songs Ray said he was going to go up and see if he could get a table closer to the front. The next thing I know, I see Ray on stage, Gary P. Nunn is handing him the microphone and I’m thinking ‘what is he doing up there?’ – he is a very quiet guy!  Well, he said the sweetest speech, he said "Don’t wory, I’m not going to sing, there is a very special lady here tonight that happens to be my best friend and I’d like to ask her to come up here. From time to time, the good Lord give us things that we don’t deserve, well, he sent me an angel.

Sometimes a Cowboy has trouble getting things right, so I knew Luckenbach would be the perfect place to be! Amy, I love you with all my heart and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you…." Then he took off his cowboy hat, got on his knee and proposed!  He opened his shirt pocket and pulled out the most beautiful canary diamond engagement ring and with the biggest, seetest smile. I was in total shock, my legs were shaking and I was so excited, I said yes (of course) and gave him a big kiss on stage and was crying! The entire crowd was in tears by now – it was amazing and exciting. After that we danced and danced and when we went back to our campsite, one of the musicians seranded us with "Deep in the West", a beuatiful song. It was a perfect evening!

Proposal Story by:

Amy Makris

Seabrook, TX


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