4) The Road Less Traveled

It started as a typical July Sunday morning at Corey’s family farm. The cows were milked and we got ready for church. After the service, Corey’s Mom and I went grocery shopping because they told me that his grandparents were coming over for lunch. Unknown to me, Corey was a busy little bee.

As I carried in groceries, his Dad came up, wrapped a coat around my shoulders and said, "Put on some walking shoes and come with me. Don’t ask any questions." I was a little bewildered as we got in the old farm pickup and headed down the dirt lane towards the back of the farm. Just before the trail headed into the woods, Corey’s Dad stopped the truck, handed me a folded note, told me, "Good Luck," and drove off.

The handwritten note contained instructions from Corey telling me to walk into the woods and follow the main trail. This was no ordinary woods, however. The land has been in Corey’s family since 1867 when his relatives immigrated into our country and began farming. This woods and the home farm were brought together by the marriage of a young couple in their teens over 100 years ago, Corey’s great grandparents. To make the place even more special to us, this past winter Corey and I spent several days cutting some more paths in the woods branching off from the main trail.

Once in the woods, I no longer needed that note…Corey had placed signs along the winding trail to serve as my guide; 19 signs in total. The previous evening’s hail storm made the scene even more dramatic…the forest floor was beautifully painted with green leaves due to hailstones knocking them off the trees. As I began my journey on carpet of leaves I read the first sign which began with the Robert Frost poem, "The Road Less Traveled." Corey continued with stories about our friendship, first date, our growing love and the journey we were about to embark on. At the last sign he asked me to join him in the open meadow adjacent to the woods.

At the opening, Corey was kneeling on a blanket staked with four lighted tiki torches, holding a bottle of wine we bought together from a recent trip to the Washington wine country and a ring. He asked me to marry him and I said "yes." As we drank wine, smiled and laughed I began hearing voices in the woods. They were coming from the same trail I had walked just an hour earlier. As I looked, I couldn’t believe my eyes – my parents and Corey’s parents were carrying picnic baskets. We all celebrated together with red wine, steaks on the grill and the best home-baked goodies from our moms. I couldnt have imagined a more perfect proposal. We are planning an October 2007 wedding.


Proposal story by:

Krista Knigge

Mukwonago, WI


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