4) The Preparation

Sabbath had just ended as I continued to enjoy the few moments of rest. I was gently awakened to Gabriels soft lips informing me that it was time for me to get ready for our romantic evening. My heart began to beat as I prepared for my "dressy" date.

The Ride Downtown

The weather outside was perfect, setting the mood for a wonderful evening. As we drove downtown, I enjoy listening to his voice as he serenaded me. The song that he dedicated to me was a song by Joe, "I wanna know." Surprisingly enough, he began to stumble on a few words, which was very unusual. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was nervous.

The Carriage Ride

To my amazement, I realized that our 8:45 pm appointment was a carriage ride! Gabriel knew that I had always wanted to go on a carriage ride! I begin to squeeze his hand because he was causing one of my dreams to come true. As I sat in the carriage, the lady driver handed me a bouquet of red roses. As we rounded the corner, Gabriel pulled out his ipod for us to listen to some nice romantic music as we enjoyed the scenery and gazed into each other’s eyes. He then decided to play a "Jamaican" song, "Turn the lights down low" by Bob Marley, and started to sing to me.

The Signature Restaurant (95th Floor)

As we entered into the John Hancock building, I began to reminisce about our first date to the Signature Lounge on the 96th Floor. To my surprise, I realized that he had reservations for the Signature Room Restaurant on the 95th Floor. I began to hug him tight as we waited for the elevator. I felt like a queen and he was my king.  

The Menu

As we sat at our new table, he held my hand gently as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of downtown Chicago, the Navy Pier, and the fireworks on the lake. He began to tell me that he loved me very much. The waiter immediately informed me that they had a "Vegetarian Special." I immediately chose the "Vegetarian Special" because to my surprise it was Tofu and coconut red curry. Unbeknownst to me, Gabriel had spoken to the chef beforehand and had them prepare a special vegetarian West Indian dish for me. He even had the restaurant create two menus for us so I would not know.  

The Poem & Proposal

As we sat and enjoyed each others company, he took my hand and began to read a romantic poem. He then paused and started talking about how much he loved me again.  Before I knew it, he came and sat at my side. The romantic atmosphere was perfect for the evening.

He then proceeded to read the second part of the poem. To be honest, I never really heard it because the waiter brought out the food covered. As they uncovered his plate, I saw a delectable piece of salmon. The waiter then proceeded to remove the cover from my dish. To my surprise, there was a card that said, "Will you marry me?", the ring box, and a rose! I then glance over to Gabriel and he was on one knee reading the rest of the poem. It was like the world pausedI was frozen.I was trying to take in the entire scene. I was snapped back to reality when he asked me again, Will you marry me?. I screamed, kissed him and hugged him so tight! I was so elated! He then opened the box and placed the ring on my finger! Everyone started clapping and congratulating us!  I was so happy!  

Once it was official, the waiter brought out Champaign flute glasses with our names and engagement date engraved in the glasses.

Sharing the News

As I got into the car, I immediately called my parents, my sister, and my brother. He then serenaded me again with Luther Vandross "Here and Now." Who knew he could sing?

I began to cry quietly because it finally dawned on me what had just happened. As we got closer to the house, I began to get sad because I wished I could share this moment with my parents.

The Engagement Party

As I walk into the house, I saw his mom and sister and a few decorations. She immediately said, "Don’t you wish your family was here?" Before I could react, my mom came out of the room along with my dad, sister, nephew, brother and his fiance’. I screamed at the top of my lungs and started crying as I hugged my mom so tight. At the same time, some of our friends from Michigan and Chicago were present. The evening was filled with many pictures and us sharing the story of our evening!


Proposal Story by:

Lorraine Henry

Southfield, MA


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