4) The Play

I was on my way to a play with three of my best friends. I was tired, but they got me to wear a dress and put on heels. We arrived at the theatre late, so the box office had already closed. We walked to the door of the theatre and I peaked my head in first. There was a beautiful stagefilled with candles, roses and a lone guitar, but no actors. I thought we got lucky: the play hadnt started yet. Just as I was about to walk in, my friends pushed me in and locked the door behind me. The entire, expansive theatre was empty, save for the lighted stage. I had no idea what was going on; I was so scared! But then, there he was. David walked out on stage, and then, I knew. I knew. And thats all it took; I started sobbing.

He said there was a special seat reserved for me in the front. It took me forever to walk down the aisle because my legs were trembling. I found my way to the seat; it had a program, a rose and a box of tissues. And then he began to sing, a song he had written himself. Act 1 and 2 were both songs. I kept on thinking that this could only be a dream, because there I was, the only person in this beautiful, expansive theatre; and there he was on stage, singing to me alone.

After his second song, he invited me on stage for Act 3, and read to me two entries from his journal over the past two and a half years. It was a glimpse into his heart, his mind, his thoughts for me. And then he asked, Are you ready? I shook my head no at first. How can you ever be ready for a moment like this?? Then I nodded yes, and there he went, down on one knee. He teared as he expressed his love and told me how long he had been waiting for this moment. The proposal was Act 4. After I said yes, we embraced and cried together. The final act, was prayer. And then we just sat and took it all in: the beauty of the stage, the emptiness of the theatre, the life-altering changes from here on out.

When we walked out of the theatre, there were my parents and his parents (who had flown from the East Coast that day to be with us.) He had flown to my home over a month ago and told my parents about this date and asked them to come up and celebrate with us. It was amazing!


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