4) The Military Diary

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I met "Chris" when I was only 17 month before my birthday and he was 21 I am Korean and he is American. He came to Korea serving his duty as aviation in the army and I met him just three days after he got here and I was working at the book store he came there to buy music tapes and magazines but I hardly know any english at that time so I use my hand and feet to speak but he thought I was cute trying so hard haha!

Anyway few months later he came with Korean Army men who can speak english and than later he ask me out and I said yes this was my first date ever. I learn english very fast later on and than I was transfar to different city but he say he will wait so I left. We write letters and through pay phone but many times we didn’t finish talking or say good bye because coin ran out on us.

Once a month I came down to see him on his off day, he couldn’t come see me because his boss wouldn’t let him go out side of city limit and I was 400 miles away.

That year three days before the Christmas he ask if I can come spend our first Christmas together so I ask my boss and he say yes to leave so I came to see him on Christmas eve we rented a small one bedroom studio apartment anyway, I cook dinner but didn’t have any turky because Koreans didn’t celibrate Christmas.

Anyway, food wasn’t turn out good but he ate all for me and he bought big bag with full of presents, he said later he spend all of his paycheck and I didn’t have enough of money so I made him with flowers that I dried put them in a frame it says, "I love You"
he stil has that 🙂 anyway, he ask me to open this first and told me take it with my heart so I say ok.

I opend it and it was his jurnal the Diary that he wrote everyday since we have met. It was all about me and why he like me and fell in love and he wrote 1000 reasons why he loves me and the very last page he wrote with big words it say, "Would you be my wife"? and he wrote I will love only you forever and faithful and loving husband forever and he wrote if you say NO I will never be the same again and if you yes I will be the happiest men on earth and I cried reading it all and I say YES and we have been happily married for 13 years and been together total of 15 years with two beautiful kids and he is not a rich men but he is the most loving, faithful, caring men that I ever known luck wife from Oregon.

So Hee,
Coos Bay, OR

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