4) The Knight

Well to start off, I’ve been dating my fiancée
since February. I’m 30 years old, and she’s 26. I’ve been looking
for the right one all my life. Within a few weeks of knowing her,
I knew she was the one for me. All my life I’ve been trying to come
up with a way that I’ll propose to the one I love. So when she called
me "Her knight in shining armor," I knew what I would
do. I’ve also wanted to do it on a day that meant a lot to her,
and had special meaning.

Since I’m a traditional man, I had to ask her
parent’s first. On Father’s Day 2001 I took her parents outside
their house so she wouldn’t hear, and I asked her parents for their
blessing. For the time that I’ve known them, I’ve become real close
to them, and honestly love them dearly. They were surprised, but
knew it would be coming, and of course they said YES!

I had to ask them, not only because it was the
proper thing to do, but also because I couldn’t pull my plan off
by myself. So I had to have her parents do a few things. They live
out in the country, and we live two hours away from them, so we
go and visit them quite often. What I had them do was ask around
town to see if someone had a horse that I could rent for a few hours.
Also I had them get a dozen roses so I could give them to her. Since
I didn’t know what kind of ring she’d like, I had to borrow her
mother’s wedding ring to use as a prop.

The next thing was the day I was going to do it.
Her parent’s got married on July 4th, 29 years ago, so I knew that
would be the day to propose, since I knew her parent’s meant a lot
to her. It would also be a present to her parent’s on their anniversary.

We went down to her parent’s the day before to
spend the whole week with them during the holiday. On July 4th,
I woke up at 6 a.m. I couldn’t sleep, because I wanted everything
to go smoothly. We had scheduled the man with the horses to come
at 9 a.m. Her dad was on call until 8 a.m. that morning, and when
he came home, he told me that they man was already there, and this
was about 8:20 a.m. So, I had to rush to get ready. The excuse I
gave my fiancée was that her brother and I were going to
get some ice in town for the picnic we had planned for that day.
She wanted to come also, but her mother said to let her brother
and I bond. So she said OK. My fiancée had just bought a
sun dress, and was showing her mother the dress, and was about to
take it off to change in something else, when her mother said it
looks cute on her, so keep it on. So she did. Her mother took her
out on the porch to have a quick game of scrabble, because my fiancée
like to play scrabble.

During that time, I drove up the driveway, away
from the house to meet the man with the horse. I had to have her
brother help me put on my suit of armor that I rented. The neighbor
was holding the roses in his fridge, so my fiancée wouldn’t
see them and ask questions. He gave me the roses, and I had the
ring, and I got on the white horse and descended back down the driveway
toward the house.

As I rode the horse, the dogs that her parent’s
had at the house began to bark at my arrival which caused my fiancée
to turn her head from playing scrabble to see what was all the commotion.
As she saw me ride up, she was wondering what was going on. She
thought that her dad did something really romantic for her mom since
it was their anniversary. She came outside to watch, but didn’t
realize that it was for her. When I dismounted, and approached her,
she thought what the heck was going on. Then when I got down on
one knee and began to speak, she knew it was me. She was so flabbergasted,
that she wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. When I finished
my speech, all she could do was ask questions. So I asked, "Are
you going to answer me or what?" Of course she said, "YES,
YES, I’ll marry you!!" and gave me a big old kiss.

After that I got undressed, because it was an
oven in the suit. The guy with the horse ended up bringing three
horses, so my fiancée and I could go riding in the woods
after the event. He also let everyone else ride the horses a few
hours more. She asked me how I came up with this idea, and I said
that I’ve been planning this all my life, and she just about melted
in my hands. Her dad was there video taping the whole event, and
taking pictures as well. It was definitely an event that everyone
will remember for the rest of our lives.

Ante, Colic

St. Louis, MO


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