4) The Greatest Love

My fiancee proposed to me when I was recovering in the hospital from brain surgery in November of 2004. Ours is a story of faith, hope, and love. We met in June of 2001, we were both still in college at the time. We became close within a matter of a few months. But as it always does, our lives began to change and two years later, in August of 2003 we went our separate ways. It was a very difficult time for us because we thought the break up was permanent and had decided not to remain in contact.

It was an especially difficult time for me because I was facing major brain surgery. I have had epilepsy for 7 years, ever since I was 15. No medication has completely eliminated my seizures so my doctor began to talk to me about an operation that only highly specialized brain surgeons can perform to completely eliminate seizure activity within the brain. It was also around this time that my faith in God began to grow; I needed something bigger than myself to hold onto. It was after I learned how to give all of my problems to God and to fully trust and rely in Him that He began to bless my life tremendously.

I had faith that God would bring the perfect man into my life eventually, if it was in His will for me, I just never dreamed it would be Rudy. So 3 months after our breakup, Rudy and I started to talk again as friends. As we started to get closer I started to pray about what God wanted for me to do, and began to realize that God was leading me to Rudy. Rudy and I decided to date again in May of 2004. The date for my surgery was set for November 25, 2004. As the date for my surgery got closer, Rudy and I got closer also. We often talked about marriage. I had my operation the day after Thanksgiving and Rudy stayed with me in the hospital the whole time, even the day after surgery when I didn’t have my own room, I was in ICU and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to visit with me due to the strict visitor hours.

Although everyone was telling him to go home and get some sleep because he wouldn’t be able to see me until 10 Am the following day and besides I was so heavily sedated that I wouldn’t even have known that he was there, he slept in the crowded ICU waiting area. I stayed in the hospital for three days, he was there the whole time. He was there to pray with me, keeping my faith when it was gone. We both realize that it was God who got me through this operation, and that it is God who is continuing to heal me. So Rudy proposed to me the third night in the hospital, when I had my own room.

I was laying in the hospital bed with a bandage on my head, and an IV in my hand, and he pulled out a ring, got on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! I am still recovering from my surgery today, I am getting my stitches removed in two days. I have so much to be thankful for, God has blessed me so much. I thank God every night for bringing me a man who thinks I am beautiful even when I am swollen and bruised with a huge bandage on my head! Rudy and I plan to get married in June of 2005, and hopefully I will have all of my hair back! But if I don’t I know that Rudy will still think that I am a beautiful bride! As for our future, we know we will make it because we place our hope and trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


Proposal Story By:

Amanda Hansen

Lake Jackson,


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