4) She Said, "YES!"

Here is my amazing proposal story as written by news reporter Tammy Palmer of News 10 Now. It will be a day I will treasure forever!

Valentine’s Day is full of surprises and we’re proud to show you a dandy. News 10 Now aired a "live" marriage proposal this morning. Justin Lowe proposed to his girlfriend Jennifer.

"Jennifer and I have been friends for many years…we’ve always had a click that everybody else saw…but we didn’t see," Justin Lowe explained.

That click became clear a year and a half ago during a stroll through the SU campus when Jennifer reached for Justin’s hand for the first time.

"We just happened to come to the dome here and we went inside Gate H which is right there behind me and we were watching a bunch of kids playing basketball on the court and that’s where we first kissed," Justin remembered.

Justin says he made the first move to break the ice and he wanted to bring Jennifer back to Gate H to make the next move in their relationship.

"I kissed her right here and it’s kind of symbolic this place because we came in as friends and we left as a couple. On Monday we’re going to come in as a couple and we’re going to leave as two people wanting to spend the rest of their lives together," he said.

With a few small fibs we were able to make Justin’s dream proposal come true. The dome box office was part of our plan. Justin told Jennifer he signed up for a contest for free tickets. The box office called when we knew Jennifer would be home and told her Justin won our phony contest and could pick up his tickets on February 14th at 11:00 am. Thats where are cameras were waiting.

As the couple passed by on their way to the box office we asked Justin to do a "phony" interview with us about SU’s game against Pitt. That gave us the perfect opportunity to surprise Jennifer live on the air.

As for all those little lies we told to make this moment possible Jennifer says she’ll agree to forgive Justin this time.

"I had no idea," Jennifer said. "He’s had me so…he’s been acting weird and I’m like…something’s up.

Justin said that hes just, "Relieved that it’s over. But he said that he feels great.

Justin will become a husband and a dad for Jennifer’s two daughters from a previous relationship. The couple is already considering a June wedding and that’s when Justin will inherit what he calls an instant family.

Even though our "free" tickets scam was just a set-up to get Jennifer to the dome Monday morning the dome did in fact present the couple with 2 free tickets to the game.

Copyright 2006 TWEAN d.b.a. News 10 Now


Proposal story by:

Tammy Palmer, News 10 Now Web Staff

Clay, NY


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