4) Proposal of Marriage…Least Like a Business Transaction

A proposal of marriage should be least like a business transaction than any transaction a man will conduct in his life. In other words, a man’s proposal to a woman should be overflowing with emotion, love, happiness, and a little dash of surprise.

I can say with great confidence I have provided just such a proposal for the woman I love. My proposal will be catalogued in history and I will cherish and have the experience for the rest of my life.

In October of 2006, I phoned my future fiancee with a surprise trip to Europe. Fortune had winked at us, and we would be able to afford a European vacation. Fortune has a funny sense of humor. Soon after, I bought a home, another stroke of great fortune, a strike against our European vacation.

We suffered a mishap and were forced to cancel our trip. I was distraught because I had planned to propose marriage to Heather, my fiancee, in Italy.

The music, the food, the gondolas, and then a ring, and she would be mine forever. Poof, that dream disappeared! I never shared any of this with Heather and kept looking for an opportunity to propose to Heather.

In February ’07, I found an announcement on the internet…"Propose to your girlfriend, and win $1000!." The only catch; a reality t.v. show wants to film everything. I contacted them out of curiosity, like the cat curiosity got the best of me too. Two weeks later, Heather and I are being interviewed at Style Network, a cable channel, to be on a "Relationship Show" where the boyfriend will organize a romantic date for his girlfriend *wink*wink.

Two weeks later the producers say they want us to appear in their season premiere. We agreed, and I was off on a wild ride; keeping Heather in the dark, finding a diamond (with the help of a network t.v. show), brainstorming ideas with the producers and coming up with…

A Friday, both Heather and I are not working, we wake up and without warning I tell Heather to get into my car, I have a bag prepared, she and I are going to the beach. Resistance, resistance, we are off to the beach.

I surprise her with a beautiful beach side hotel room, cover her eyes, and lead her into our room. When I remove my hands she sees a bed laden with rose petals and gold satin, a tray with Chianti and two glasses. On the coffee table of the suite is a cutting board with cheese and crackers, a basket of fresh fruit, and candles, lit candles all over the room. Next to the candles, purple flowers, white roses, baby’s breath in beautiful urns. Center of the bed is a new dress that I bought for her accompanied by three pairs of shoes that all match her new dress.

We quickly change clothes so she has on the dress, and I tell her I have a few more surprises. We go for a walk around the hotel and I explain how the rest of the date will be very Italian because we never went to Europe like our plan. At that moment, we turn a corner and reveal a bright, red Vespa parked right in front of us with two helmets for the riders, us.

She giggled herself silly, and hopped on the moped excited to head off to our final destination. The Long Beach Pier. The pull up and I lead her behind a building which reveals itself to be a gondola business. She’s excited to see the gondola, but she never expected it to be loaded with rose petals, two dozen rose bouqets, and a singing gondolier.

We’re riding our gondola when the gondolier explains to us, we have to kiss as we go under bridges. Some old Italian tradition, which I knew about. I previously hung a sign on one of the bridges, knowing she would be looking for bridges.

The ring is in my pocket, the sign is one bridge away, I can see it in the distance. Casaully, I slide my hand in my pocket. She sees the sign, I pull out the box, open it to reveal the ring. She turns to smile at me when her eye catches the sparkle of the diamond. Her lip quivers, and she tries to hid this show of emotion with her hand. She looks at me, watered eyes, then she looks at the eleven man camera crew filming everything, and we both begin to cry. In tears of joy, I admit I don’t know which hand to put the ring on. She helps me and we havn’t stopped holding hands since.

The show helped me plan one of the most romantic and creative proposals I could think up. I love my fiancee and I feel like she knows it. Excuse me, I think I hear TLC and "The Wedding Story" knocking.


Proposal Story By:

Kristian Steeler

Reseda, CA


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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