4) My ABC's

My fiance knows me so well. I have a passion for teaching children. I am a second grade teacher. He caught me completly off guard.

It was a normal Friday like any other. It was February 10, 2006. I met him for luch and told him I wasn’t feeling the greatest and asked if he got a chance later if he could drop me off some cold medicine down to school. He said yes he could but it would probably be later.

That afternoon at about 2:00 I had a meeting while my students were in gym class. I told the secretary that Wes would be dropping off some medicine to me, just to have him wait that my meeting wouldn’t take long. As I came out of the meeting, the secretary told me that she sent Wes down to my classroom with my cold medicine. As I approached my door, I realized my kids weren’t in gym. The secretary simply stated that the gym teacher got sick so my aid was monitoring my students in the room.(The gym teacher was pregnant so I thought nothing of it!)

I opened the door to find my students all in their seats and Wes sitting at the front of my classroom with a book in his hand. He brought me to the front and began to read Christi’s ABC’s. It was so cute. He made up either something he loved about me or and experience we had shared together for every letter of the alphabet. Upon looking around, staff members were gathered all over my room and pouring out into the hallway.

The principal (my boss) was in the front row taking pictures. The last page of the book, Wes got down on one knee and read, "Now you’ve heard my ABC’s, Christi will you marry me?" Of course I said yes and another teacher brought 19 roses to me. That day was our 19 month anniversary. I can’t believe he remembered! What a wonderful day at school. My students were so excited to see something so positive in their lives. It is a day that none of us will ever forget!


Proposal story by:

Christi Mitchell

Bellefontaine, OH


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