4) Just Friends

Two years earlier, though Jude and Angie had decided to remain as "just friends", he had resolved in his heart that he would continue to pursue her for marriage. Now, with only a few months before graduation, Jude began to carry out his plan. He dropped hints by doing "extra nice" things for Angie – cooking for her when she was sick, fixing her car, and taking her out to dinner, during which he mentioned that he and some friends would be going on a hike to Point Reyes. "Do you wanna go?" he asked. She responded, "Sure, I’d love to go!" Little did she know that she was in for a BIG surprise!

As December 10th drew nearer, Jude made the necessary preparations. First, he had to buy the ring. Jude took along a good friend Jenn and

picked out a delicate ring perfectly suitable for his (hopefully) soon-to-be princess. Second, he had to scope out the proposal site. Hiking the Point Reyes six mile trail (three times that week!), Jude made sure that everything was just right. Third, he had to ensure that his accomplices,

Brian, Mike, and Jenn, knew their exact roles as the "other friends" going on the hike.

The Big Day finally arrived. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful, a special provision from God, as previous days had been gray and rainy.

Driving the unsuspecting Angie to Point Reyes, Jude did his best to maintain a calm composure and allay Angie’s momentary suspicions.

When they arrived at Point Reyes, Angie was surprised to find Brian’s car empty; their friends had gone on the hike without them! However, Jude quickly initiated the hike.

The two finally arrived at their destination: a lovely waterfall, which fell onto the shore and flowed out to the Pacific Ocean. Unable to find their

friends, Jude suggested, "Why don’t we rest here by the waterfall and look for them later?" It was then that Judes tone became serious.

"Well", he began, "its been about three years since I liked you and two years since I first approached you…" At this point, Angie was thinking, if

anything, Jude would perhaps ask how she felt about him now. However, Jude stopped mid-sentence with, "Oh shoot, I have to use the bathroom. Hold on k? I’ll be right back." Couldn’t he have picked a better time?

Jude dashed up the hill behind a large rock to supposedly "use the bathroom" as Angie waited anxiously at the waterfall. Behind the rock,

Jude met Mike, who was waiting to help Jude transform into Angie’s knight in shining armor. Within minutes, Jude appeared from behind the rock – in a suit and tie, with gel in his hair, and with a tiny box in his pocket!

"Angie Kim!" he called out. As Angie looked up her eyes widened in surprise. "What are you doing?! What are you doing?!" was all that came

out of her mouth. He said, "Follow me", and guided her to the edge of the waterfall, finishing the conversation from before: "Angie I’ve been

pursuing you for three years now, and all of this means something it means that I love you, I love you, Angie Kim." At this point Angie’s

hands were covering her face. She was stunned. What was happening? Could it be?!

Jude directed her, Look down at the beach. Angie looked. Thirty feet below in the sand in huge letters, were the words, "ANGIE, MARRY ME?"

Angie dropped to her knees in shock. Helping her to stand back up, Jude got down on his knee. Taking her hand into his, he took out the small box from his pocket, opened it, and asked her, "Angie Kim, will you marry me?" Angies eyes could hardly focus on the sparkling ring, and she

dropped to her knees again.

Jude asked her again. She responded with stunned silence. Could she make such a huge decision without her parents? She had been praying for some weeks now that God would help her to respond rightly if something were to happen between her and Jude but wow! This was more than she had expected!

Finally, Jude asked, "What do YOU want to do? Dont worry about what anybody else says; do you, Angie Kim want to marry me?" Jude looked

deep into Angies eyes and once again asked, "Angie Kim, will you marry me?" This time, instead of prayerful silence, she responded. This time, she said, "yes."


Proposal story by:

Angie Kim

Berkley, CA


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