4) Just An Act?

It was hard to believe it really happened—and in such a way, too! The happiest day of my entire life…

Scott was the guy I secretly had a huge crush on, but I was too shy to actually do anything about my feelings. We were close friends, so I didn’t want to risk damaging our friendship if I told him how I really felt about him. Little did I know that he felt the same way about me…

We had signed up for the same acting class at university, and one day the instructor paired up the students for an improvisation exercise. To my delight, Scott and I were partners. Then we were given our assignment: ‘love’. We stood up in front of the class, the instructor smiling at us encouragingly, and Scott began.

He took my hands into his, and gazing into my eyes, he spoke the words I’ll never forget:

“Marianne, I’ve been in love with you for a long time, but I’ve never gotten up the courage to do anything about it. I wasn’t sure how you felt about me… You’re a woman that any guy would be lucky to have as a wife. You’re beautiful, but so much more, too: smart, kind, compassionate, unselfish, and the best friend I’ve ever had.”

I was so surprised at hearing him say my real name in the dialogue, as if we were really speaking to each other and not acting, I actually blushed. My mind was in a turmoil, as I considered how to respond. Finally, I decided I would simply enjoy the opportunity to pretend right along with Scott—it might never come again, and even though I knew we were just acting, maybe at last I could speak out loud the things I’d felt for so long…

Taking my cue from him, I used his real name as well: “Scott, I don’t know what to say… How long have you felt this way about me?”

He looked at me and smiled, as if glad to see that I was playing along with his strange act. All of his words COULD conceivably have been true, so I had no way of knowing if he was just acting unbelievably well, or really opening his heart to me… He reached out to brush my hair from my face, tipped my chin up so I would look him in the eyes, and then responded.

“To tell you the truth, there was no exact moment when I looked at you and thought, there’s the woman I love. Instead, it happened so gradually I almost didn’t notice. You were my best friend. But that time you were in the car accident, I realized that I couldn’t face the thought of a future without you in it. And then when you ended up being okay, I was so relieved and happy to be with you—and I realized that what I was feeling was love.”

I was speechless for a few moments. I couldn’t figure out why in the world Scott was interpreting our assignment like this, of all the ways he could have begun a dialogue about love! You could have heard a pin drop in the room as all the students seemed to hold their breaths to hear what I would reply. Well, Scott and I would probably laugh about all this together after class, so I decided to go for the plunge.

“I could tell you that I’m in shock. I could tell you that what you’ve just said has made me incredibly happy. I could also tell you that what I wanted most was for our friendship to deepen this way. But I really only want to say one thing. I love you, too, Scott.” I looked away and closed my eyes for a moment. I felt embarrassed about the whole thing, but I just had to see how he would respond…

I turned my gaze back—and saw him kneeling before me, holding up a diamond ring. “Marianne, make me the happiest man alive… I organized all this so I could get over my shyness and ask you one thing: Will you marry me?”

Tears streaming down my cheeks, I could only nod. Scott stood up and slipped the ring onto my finger, and we shared our first kiss as the whole class burst into applause.

We did end up laughing about the whole thing, but it was in pure happiness…


Proposal Story By:

Maria Tauriainen

Mission, BC


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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