4) It's Time

This is the story of our proposal as told by my fiance Andy, via email to his buddies:0

Donna gets home from a stressful day at work. I make a spontaneous gesture to go out and grab some dinner. Instead, I take her to a great spa called La Dolce Vita where I have a mineral bath, a massage and a mimosa prearranged (had to ensure she was relaxed and pampered). We enter the quaint spa where the massage therapists were great in pretending they have never seen me before. They even took me into a separate spa room as if I were also going to receive a massage (to throw Donna off.). Note: Earlier in the day, I dropped off one of Donnas beautiful dresses, shoes and accessories (girls have to have all three J) to change into after the massage.

Meanwhile, I returned back to the loft for the final preparations. Earlier in the day I prepared an elegant setup on the rooftop deck of the building. Looked great. I wrapped the entire perimeter with white sheets (~160 yards!) and setup a single table in the middle fully covered with the same dcor. Also setup romantic lighting and candles around the deck-top to assist. From there I scattered 10 gallons of red rose petals around the area to assist in the ambiance

Like clockwork, the 3 piece jazz band arrived on time and setup unobtrusively in the corner of the deck.

White stretch limo arrives in front of loft. I change into my tuxedo, grab the dozen long-stem roses and head to pick her up at the spa. Nervous but confident, I arrive to the spa as nightfall lingers in the near future. I walk up the small windy stairs to find her looking absolutely stunning in the quaint surroundings and candlelight of the spa. At this point, as she sees me walk up in my tuxedo she obviously knows, but thats exactly the way I wanted it for her to enjoy the entire evening rather than the shock value of the moment. An infinite smile is painted on both our faces as we head to the limo.

Limo arrives back to loft. Shes totally confused since we had already passed all of her favorite restaurants down Westheimer. The concierge/waitress for the evening opens the doors and we head up to the roof. At this point, the sun has set and a beautiful starry night has emerged. As we approach the roof-top deck, the band starts playing Brown-eyed Girl (by request – inside history between us with the song) The look on her face was priceless as she first viewed the beautiful setup, rose petals, band, and table for two

Immediately, we start dancing to our song. My heart is racing with anticipation as I pick the right moment. One last deep breath, one last check to ensure the box is still in my pocket, one last moment before I begin a new chapter in the rest of our lives; its time Ever the traditionalist, down on one knee I go to say the magical 4 words. Precious look of euphoria on her face Yet, so nervous am I that I actually opened the ring box upside down!!! Despite that, I was fortunate enough to have her say words I will never forget – Thousand times yes. We danced embracing each other under the stars for the next several songs

We open the bottle of Cristal and celebrate our newfound commitment Fantastic

First phone call is to her mother. Several weeks ago, I had sent a little package with explicit instructions not to open until Wednesday at exactly 9:15pm. Inside was a bottle of champagne, 2 champagne flutes, a picture of the two of us and a card with some notes on how strongly I feel about her daughter. (Fortunately for me, she did not pre-open the package nor tell Donna it had been sent). We toasted in joy together Emotions ran high as we told her the great news and she welcomed me into her family

Second phone call is to my parents. Same package, different card, same reaction. It was great to hear my mother welcome Donna to my side of the family. Couldnt have scripted more perfect words for the moment

Perfect dinner. Earlier in the day, I had gone around to all of Donnas favorite restaurants in town and picked up all of her favorite dishes. Appetizer from PF Changs Lettuce Wraps; Tomato Basil soup from Le Madeleine. Entre from Ruggles Grill Vegetable Plate. And last but not least, dessert from Grotto Chocolate Cake (by far the best in the city). To complement, we opened a great bottle of Flora Springs Trilogy our favorite wine. Perfect

The weather continued to hold, the band continued to be incredible, and the concierge did a great job being a waitress for the evening. We laughed, cried and danced the rest of the evening. Really couldnt have been more ideal. She always deserves the best and I am a lucky, lucky man to have her by my side.

Proposal Story By:

Donna Ryan



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