4) It's in the Bag

It’s in the bag. That’s the idea behind how I wanted to surprise the person I got to know and realized this is the person I want to be with. After a soured relationship with a player type person , spent some time doing what I always enjoy. Not long afterwards got stopped by a attractive looking person who was very down to earth and engaging while getting a newspaper. After a short time getting to know each other was finding out that Im having fun and enjoying spending time with this wonderful girl that my friends, and family gave quick approval to.

After casually looking at some stores, she asked to stop into a jewelry store which was having a sale and look around. We already had a few bags carrying around, but what the heck, this was a fun day and didnt mind seeing if there was something that actually she might like. After looking at a few things she saw something that looked a bit different than what Ive seen and said with a smile "Gee, this would look nice on a finger of someone." I took that as a hint she wanted that ring. Tried to play it cool and said we can think about it to make sure its what would be to her liking. After leaving her place from shopping I realized she was happy with me and I was with her and that ring looked very nice on her hand so drove back to the store and bought it before it was gone.

I’ve known this person almost a year now and felt the time was good to let this shopping experience be a reminder of how I felt about her. Went and grabbed a few things I knew she liked while shopping and put the ring in a nice box mixed in. While doing the usual supermarket thing with her I brought in the bag with the other items we bought while preparing dinner and let her open the bags while I started cooking. She casually went through the bags as she has done before and asked what this extra bag was. I replied, "Oh this is something you said you liked having so made a special trip just for you to get."

After going through it and finding a few nice things she likes using weekly, she found the box and opened it. There was a pause in the room and all I could hear was the food simmering in the kitchen. I told her how I felt about being with her and that this is a reminder of that. She was just so happy she said "I would say yes if you are taking this as a proposal!" A very romantic , happy evening and as how I put it in the beginning, "It’s in the bag!"


Proposal Story By:

Dave Stillman

Desert Hot Springs, CA


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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