4) He Proposed to BOTH of Us

He proposed to both of us. Yes, I said BOTH of us. At age 17, I  knew it all, even when it came to true love. I was a senior in high school and had met the most wonderful guy. Just a few months later, my short life flashed before my eyes when I found myself driving home on a cold January evening, alone, with tears streaming down my face. The home testing kit and the clinic’s test agreed. I was pregnant.  The only child of my parents, how could I tell them? What was going to happen now? It wasn’t just about me now.  I knew I had my boyfriend’s love and things would have to be o.k. After telling my parents, we all sat down and my boyfriend expressed his desire to marry me. A week later, he proposed to me and placed a ring on my finger. I had a wedding to plan, a graduation to plan, and a baby to plan for. We married in May and I graduated high school two weeks later and was still planning for college. But…what happened next changed my life forever.

It was a hot and dry summer that year and I remember making dinner for the two of us but kept wondering why he wasn’t home yet. Then, I heard him come in. He asked me to stop cooking and come sit down. He told me that all this had just happened so fast and he just couldn’t handle it. I didn’t have to ask what that meant. He took his things and left. That was it. He was gone.  

The months passed and I got through it with the love of my parents and friends. His parents brought us some baby furniture, but I heard nothing from him. That fall, I delivered a beautiful baby boy. We were still married because I couldn’t afford a divorce. He visited me at the hospital, and came one time to our apartment when the baby was 3 weeks old. During this visit, I found out his new girlfriend was waiting in the car for him. I told him to leave and not come back. He didn’t have much trouble complying to that request and I soon found the money for the divorce.

That winter, I started going out some with friends when Mom would watch the baby. Through friends, I met a guy that I had so much fun with. He had become one of my best friends. We found ourselves talking on the phone everyday. Over the next few months, all our friends moved away, got married and/or went into the military.  He told me that he, too, was thinking about moving down south for a better job. I began crying. He walked over and hugged me and I saw him wipe his eyes. We shared our first kiss and began dating from that day on. Later that fall, I ran into an old friend who told me some hurtful things my son’s father had said about me. I lay there on my bed hugging my baby and cried so hard. Then my boyfriend walked in after getting off work. He kneeled beside us and tried to console me. While stroking my hand, I felt him put a ring on my finger.  I looked up, and he said, "I love you both, will you marry me?" I jumped up and down in excitement. He said he had planned to propose at the baby’s first birthday party in front of all of our friends and family, but at that point, he knew what he had to do. Another surprise came out my son’s 1st birthday party when he announced his intentions to adopt my son when he could save up the money. We married a month later, and he adopted my son six months later. Three years later, we had another son. Many people had doubts that it would last due to us only dating six months. I guess we showed them because last fall we celebrated our son’s 18th birthday and our 17th anniversary and are more in love today than we ever thought possible!


Proposal Story by:

Cathy Allen

Ironton, OH


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