4) Geocaching for Love

Brian and I have been dating for over a year.
It has been amazing in many ways but also a challenge because we
have a long-distance relationship. Brian lives in the San Francisco
Bay area; I live in Phoenix, AZ.

One Thursday afternoon, I flew up to visit Brian for the weekend.
I stayed with a family that is friends with Brian. The family—along
with Brian’s help—had decorated my room. The children had
created a bed sheet ‘door’ that read, "Welcome to your castle,
Princess Cathie!" It was a warm-hearted welcome to my home
away from home.

Brian and I had a magnificent time that weekend. We visited the
Golden Gate Bridge, rode cable cars, picnicked in Napa Valley and
dined at exotic restaurants. Most of all, we enjoyed each other’s

On Sunday afternoon we attended a friend’s wedding. I played piano
during the ceremony. The wedding was beautiful and I played well
– no shaking legs or any other nervous symptoms. The mood was joyful
and love was certainly in the air. If only I knew what Brian was
up to.

I was scheduled to fly out at 6:00am the next morning. Brian and
I decided to leave the wedding reception early so that we could
spend our final evening together. He told me that he had found a
romantic geocache. (Geocaching is like a high-tech scavenger hunt
using a GPS unit to find a cache that someone else has hidden and
posted on the web www.geocaching.com) Unbeknownst to me, Brian had
created this genuine-looking cache and had hidden it earlier in
the week.

We had a lovely drive out to the Marin Headlands – the sun was starting
to set, the bay was glistening and we were in love! We parked near
the coordinates and headed down a narrow trail. We descended sharply
down the hill, wound our way through brush and weaved through a
patch of trees. We finally reached a lovely sheltered spot on the
cliffs. The view was terrific…the Golden Gate Bridge, the lights
of the city flickering, the sun setting and the ocean below!

We searched the hillside for the cache. It didn’t take long for
us to find it. We spread out our blanket and sat down to open the
treasure. Enclosed were 4 parts: instructions, a boyfriend’s puzzle,
a girlfriend’s puzzle and a prize. It was supposed to be a friendly
competition–whoever assembled their puzzle quickest won the prize.
Ready-set-go! The puzzles were handmade in the shapes of hearts.
Brian’s puzzle was one piece. Mine was seven! No fair! Needless
to say, Brian won.

He opened the prize bag and began reading, "This is a setup.
This cache was created especially for you, Catherine…" At
this point, Brian says he could see me processing…"Wait a
minute, something’s going on here…" What followed was an
incredibly precious proposal that came as a complete surprise. I
was so stunned that I didn’t even look at the ring when he first
pulled it out. But not too shocked to say YES when he asked me to
marry him! I was staring at him thinking, "Is this for real?
Am I dreaming???" After he reassured me that this amazing surprise
was indeed real, he put the beautiful ring on my finger. I was completely
overwhelmed with the beauty of the moment. It was perfect.

We sat there smiling at each other. After a while, we started to
hike back up the hill. Brian told me how everyone but me knew about
this. I also found out that he had rearranged my flight and gotten
me off work the next day. Oh, my, I was so amazed! I think I said
"Oh, my!" about 4,700 times. When we got back to the car,
we thanked God (that’s when I cried like a baby).

Then we headed back home. I was in for another surprise. My room
was beautifully decorated with tulle and roses (DOZENS of them)
and candles. There was soft music, sparkling cider and the sweetest
gift basket full of precious memories and darling notes. It was
just about more than I could handle.

Brian has overwhelmed me with a love that is bigger than anything
I ever could have imagined?it?s just covered with the fingerprints
of God! It’s been a precious story to tell and my face really hurts
from smiling constantly. It?s definitely a princess story, one that
I?m delighted to share with all of you.

Catherine Eddy

Peoria, AZ


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