4) Future Love


About 7 months ago Michael heard a song on a London internet radio station. He really liked it, and thought that it was exactly how he felt about me. The name of the song is Future Love, and it’s by a new artist named Frank McComb. So anyways, he ordered the CD and had it shipped here to me. I had never heard the song or heard of the artist. He said…go sit in front of the stereo, put the CD in, and listen to number 6. That’s what you are to me. It’s such a pretty song y’all!

Sooooooo…fast forward to the weekend of October 28, 2000 (which happens to be my mother’s birthday!). Mike and I had planned to fly to Philladelphia to see Frank McComb’s first US performance. I made reservations at the little dinner club Zanzibar Blue and told them we were flying in from Detroit. We stayed in a FLY hotel in downtown Philly, we went shoppin’ all day Saturday and he bought me the cutest little leather jacket!

So Saturday night comes, and we arrive at Zanzibar Blue. They gave us THE BEST table in the whole place…right up front at the foot of the stage. Show starts, he does a couple of songs… Then he just blurts out…”I hear there are some people who flew out here from Detroit just to see me. Michael Dixon, Lanie Anderson…where are you?” So we wave and he goes on to tell everybody how Michael sent me that CD and told me to play number six. I knew he knew the story ’cause I had e-mailed him and told him awhile back. So he dedicated that song to us. Of course… cried like a baby.

So after the song was finished…he called Mike up on the stage…he gets up there and says that the story was definitely true…that I am his future love…and that he wants it to last forever. He said…I really like this whole blue theme in this club…nice blue glasses…I got somethin’ blue too…and he pulls out this blue velvet box. By then of course I’m cryin’ hysterically. He came down…got on one knee…and popped the question! 🙂

We went backstage afterward and took pictures and met his wife and mom and stuff. It was really nice and 100 times better than I thought it would be! THE END 🙂

Lanie Dixon,
Belleville, MI

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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