4) Free Food and "Stolen" Moments

My Fiancé popped the question in a very special way! On Friday Dec 13th, he told me he’d like to pick me up for dinner. So he picked me up for dinner and we went downtown. Nothing out of the ordinary. On the way to the restaurant I thought we were going to, we walked past a huge castle-like hotel. He told me about how him and his friend used to walk all around the hotel, exploring its many halls and stair cases. He asked me if I wanted to do that for a bit 1st and I agreed. We wandered around for a while, going up several floors. As we walked down a certain hallway, he came across a hotel room that was open. He (being the explorer type) wanted to see what the room was like. I, on the other hand was freaked right out, thinking that someone could
either be in the room, or coming back shortly! I refused to go in, so he had to make me go in!

Inside the room I discovered a small table with two place settings of food, a candle and a table cloth. I got really worried, thinking that the people have probably gone to get ice and they’d be back! My fiancé said "oh, wow, free food, why don’t you have a seat!" Reluctantly I sat down. He "found" a bucket in the room filled with my favorite bottled soda and we enjoyed the "stolen" food. I noticed half way into the meal, that the dishes we were using were my fiancé’s dishes, but I did not say anything.

After the meal, we decided to walk down to the Art Gallery. Upon arriving at the Gallery, we noticed a car with its lights on. I discovered that this car was not a normal car, but a limo! My fiancé, again, being nosey, asked the driver if anyone special was riding in the limo. The man said, "well, if your name is Emily, then yes!" We went for a 1 hour ride around the city, and along the river. Neither of us had ever been in a limo before, so it was really special!

Toward the end of our drive, we went past a place where him and I had 1st held hands. He mentioned that to me and said, "And what a better place to ask you to marry me…will you marry me?" I laughed and cried!! What a memorable night! And to wrap it all up, we came back to my home town and watched a firework show that the town was having. It was incredibly romantic! We are planning for our wedding in June 2003.

Emily Power,
Dalmeny, SK, Canada

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