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Throughout the three years that my fiancb and I have been dating, we have always made a point to celebrate our birthdays creatively, including skydiving, weekend trips to the east coast and surprise parties, however, this year for my 26th birthday, I had made plans to spend a weekend with my girlfriends in South Beach, Florida and Adam was going to the Ohio State game with his best friend. We agreed to celebrate when I returned home.


On Saturday, after a long day at the beach, my friends presented me a gift. It was a card made of metal with my name and date engraved on the front. Inside contained seven pieces of paper. I opened the first paper and immediately realized that it was really from Adam. As I read the letter aloud, I learned of my plans for the night. Even though Adam was unable to be there with me to celebrate, through the help of my six great friends, he was going to make it a night I would never forget. He had planned a scavenger hunt for us to complete taking us to the places he had visited when he had been in South Beach two years earlier. The card stated that my present was being held ransom until I had completed the hunt and brought the items to him in Cincinnati on Tuesday.


At 6:30, the seven of us headed out to start our night. It began at a bar named after a major city in Ohio, the Clevelander. We had 30 minutes to find the bar, take a picture at the pool and a picture of us having a drink and retrieve a matchbook. With less than five minutes to spare, we opened up the next clue. The second clue turned out to be more difficult. We were instructed to get a picture on the steps of Versace’s mansion, find a picture of a limo, Ferrari, or Lamborghini find the ‘cheesiest south beach’ candle (which later complimented the matchbook) for less that $3.00, (3 represents our 3 year anniversary coming up the next week.) After some bartering, we were able to secure the candle.


The picture of the car proved more difficult. As we found our way to Versace’s house, we took a picture and as luck would have it, found a limo right in front of us! As we were about to walk away and open the next clue, my friend Claire informed me that we could just ride. It turns out Adam had rented the limo for all of us! We jumped into the Cadillac limo and all made a toast to Adam for providing us with such an exciting night.


The next clue directed us to the hotel with the life-size chess set to take a picture with the knight and the pool and get a flower from the garden. Even though I was unsure which hotel this was, Claire had been told all the details in advance and guided us to the Delano Hotel. The concierge directed us to the courtyard where we found a large chess set surrounded by chandeliers hanging from palm trees and unique chairs placed at random. The ambiance was amazing and mystical. Being the chess novice that I am, I had a difficult time choosing the knight. From behind me I heard someone saying, ‘Miss, I think this is the knight you are looking for.’ There was Adam walking toward me! I was in complete shock as he knelt down on one knee and proposed. He had a romantic table for two set up complete with three candles and two glasses of Champaign. We had a quick toast then left swiftly in the limo for dinner.


Needless to say, I was so excited that I never completely finished the scavenger hunt. The amount of detail and thought that he put into that night still amazes me. It’s those little details that are hard to convey on paper. The planning that he put into the night to be able to know exactly where we were at every moment, the arrangements he made with the hotel concierge and the limo driver, even the ingredients to the drinks that we had at the Clevelander were all planned in advance to ensure that everything would be perfect. And perfect it was. It certainly is a night none of us will forget, but if we do, rest assured, there are numerous pictures from our ‘scavenger hunt’ to remind us!

Rebecca Weingartner,
Cincinatti, OH

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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