3)A Sense of Humor is a Treasure

A man with a sense of humor is something that a woman realizes sooner or later is a treasure. I had been married before and I knew the man I had in my life right now was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I have been known as a workaholic. I actually set appointments for our romantic evenings together. Everything for me must be on a schedule.  My guy puts up with it and never complains. So when he asked me to put a day on my calender for the two of us;I hesitated but finally inked it in, March 31, 2006.

As the month passed, he told me he bought us some timeshares and I needed to sign the papers. Of course I felt he was doing a good thing and using his own money so I signed without really paying attention to what was on the page.

On the 31st of March I got a call to meet him at a local restuarant and went at the scheduled time. When I entered the restaurant, several familiar faces were there. I spoke and hurriedly went into the private dining area in the rear of the establishment.

I was led to a small banquet room which I thought was rather odd, but I followed the waiter. We approached the closed doors and I was trying to imagine what was going on. Was he going to pop out of a cake or strip for me or something? Is that why he needed this private room.

The answer came soon enough. When the waiter opened the door, my friends and family were seated in the room that was lavishly decorated for a wedding. The minister stood up and went to the podium.

Vic walked up to me and got down on his knee. "Will you marry me?" I looked around and said,"Right now"?  "Yep". He placed the ring on my finger and I said "yes". We were married right then and there.

At the end of the evening I asked him why did he do everything at once, the proposal, the wedding, and now the honeymoon? Vic smiled and said, "There’s no telling when I could get the chance to be on your schedule again". I laughed out loud.  I love that man.


Proposal Story by:

Violetta Joseph

Milwaukee, WI


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