In a recent survey of women ages 18-54 when asked, “What was the single most important factor in choosing a marriage partner?” Thirty four percent responded personal wealth.

Personal wealth? What in God’s name does money have to do with love, soul mate and forever? As males, should we be mortified that one in three aren’t looking for a sparkling personality or a winning smile but how fat our bank account is? Or on the contrary, should we be happy that at least the numbers are in our favor? We have a 2 out of 3 chance that who we are matters more than our purchasing power!

When I first read the statistic in a magazine I couldn’t help but take notice, “Thirty four percent!” To me it seemed high. In an age when Destiny’s Child has a number one hit with “Independent Women” and Jennifer Lopez belts out, “My love don’t cost a thing” then who the hell are these thirty four percent and how can single guys stay away from them?

Now I guess if you see yourself as a nerd or a wanna be Sugar Daddy in training you might not care. But it seems to me the rest of us want to know who these thirty four percent are. Maybe we could get them to wear buttons. You know something catchy like, “You can’t have this ass without some cash!” No they’d never go for that! Maybe, “With some money you’ll get lucky!” That’s a little better.

On second thought, it just hit me that they don’t want us to know because if we did we’d pack up our gear and head upstream. Nope, sadly the thirty four percent are destined to be secret agents. Only when it’s too late will their true identities come out.

Is the secret to act poor, and if they fall for us, then we can reveal we’re loaded? Or try to borrow money for a month from them and see how they react? Nah, I doubt it. I think man’s only ally is time. Don’t rush it, take it slow and be yourself. I imagine these thirty four percent aren’t very patient ladies (and I say that loosely). Yup that’s it: “Take your time and see if your relationship turns to wine or dies withers away on the vine.” Yeah, that should be our motto.

by Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy®
The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the world’s top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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