3) You're under arrest for stealing my heart

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Jill and I had been together in a long distance relationship for nearly 4 years. She had been hinting that she wanted to get married for quite a while, but I kept jokingly telling her "just five more years", hoping that when I did propose it would be a huge surprise. But a number of situations arose where we had to discuss marriage in greater detail and ultimately decided that the best time to have the wedding would be February of the next year.

While this reduced the anxiety of proposing, it made it very difficult to plan a proposal that wasn’t totally expected. This was especially true since it was already January and we had agreed that a year would be needed for planning. Furthermore, we lived in different cities, so I only had the opportunity to purpose once every few weeks. So I decided to divide the proposal into two parts; the "expected" proposal and the "surprise" proposal. For the expected proposal I planned a romantic weekend in San Antonio. I had already purchased a ring, but to throw her off a little bit, I told her that we should look for a ring together.

From a midnight stroll along the River Walk to a view of the city in the sky, from a lovely daytime walk through the San Antonio zoo and famous botanical gardens to a peaceful late-night horse drawn carriage ride, we spent Friday night and all day Saturday doing every romantic thing possible. Then in the middle of the night Saturday, I snuck into her room and slipped on the engagement ring. In the morning I returned, but she was still sleeping. When she did finally awake, I think the ring was the first thing she noticed. But initially I think she was more dumbfounded than surprised. Slowly she came to the realization and smiled, then cried. We hugged and celebrated our happiness. This was going just as planned, because she hadn’t noticed that I hadn’t really proposed yet.

One month later, Jill came to Houston for a whole week to make a number of wedding arrangements. I had purposely purchased a slightly larger ring size so that the ring would easily slip on without her noticing as well as to make sure it had to be resized. Since the resizing wasn’t done onsite, the ring had to be left with the jeweler for a few days. The next opportunity that I was away from her, I returned to the jeweler to pick up the ring. This is where it gets interesting. I told her that we were going to meet some people to go bowling.

On the way to the bowling alley, she noticed some flashing lights from a police car behind her. Both our hearts began to race, trying to figure out what she did wrong. I told her to remain calm and she pulled over. The police officer approached the car with caution. He looked in the car and asked us both to step out and walk to the back of the car. He began to ask her some questions and finally said "Unfortunately ma’am I’m going to have to write you a ticket." He then handed her the ticket. On it, it read ‘Jill. Will You Marry Me? -Albert’ Before she had a chance to spin around I was already on one knee with the ring out. I finally had the opportunity to ask, "Jill, will you marry me?" Tears streamed down her cheek as she replied, "Yes, of course." After the surprise subsided, I explained that the cop was a good friend of mine and he had ! agreed to assist me with the "surprise" proposal.

As a keepsake, the officer’s partner was able to get a great picture of Jill’s reaction to the proposal.

Albert Leung,
Houston, TX?

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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