3) X-Ray Vision

As a radiological technologist I have seen many
interesting X-rays in my 10-year career, but none will ever compare
to the one I took on March 14. I’ve always known my boyfriend had
a special place in his heart for me, but until that day I’d never
realized just how special it was.

He told me he needed a chest X-ray for work and,
of course, I insisted that I do it. He told me we should schedule
it late in the day so we could go out to dinner afterwards. Over
the course of the next few days he inquisitively asked me many questions
about X-rays (how do they work, what foreign objects show up, do
I have to take my shirt off, etc.). I just assumed he was being
himself and showing a genuine interest in my job.

The day of the appointment he showed up with the
most beautiful roses I have ever seen. I hugged him to thank him
for the flowers and he pushed my arms away and told me to behave
because I was at work. This surprised me since he is usually very
affectionate. I was going around showing off my flowers and he kept
telling me to hurry up so we could get this thing over with. It
was almost as though he was nervous or mad about something. I took
him back to my office and proceeded to take the x-rays.

As the film was developing he sat at my desk and
we talked about our dinner plans. I pulled the X-ray from the processor
and immediately noticed something odd. I put it on the viewbox and
could not believe my eyes. There in the center of his chest X-ray
was a diamond ring encircled in the words "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"
I turned to him and he was reaching down the back of his shirt.
At that moment it all came to light. The questions, the flowers,
the rejected hugs and nervousness. Taped to the inside of his shirt
he had lead letters and the ring.

Not only was it the most unique proposal I have
ever heard but I have a memento of the occasion, which will last

Sherrie Lucas

Washington, IL


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