3) Wonder-Wed

I’d signed us up for several marriage sites, so I used that as a help for the proposal. I created a fake company called ‘Wonder-Wed’ that supposedly selected us to compete for a prize of a dinner and a chance for a honeymoon. She was reluctant; not knowing if the company was a scam or not, but she went along with it.

A friend of mines called her, posing as a staff member, and verified her identity and got her work’s fax number. On Monday (day before), "I" faxed her a set of instructions for the competition. On it were hers and my instructions (obviously, I’m not competing, so they were fake).

She had to go pick up a package at Party City; where a friend was waiting for her. I actually went earlier and paid for a bundle of balloons, and a camera, and left them and an envelope there waiting. When she opened the envelope, it gave her 2 instructions. First, she had to secretly go to my apartment and take pictures in front of my door, where another friend was waiting there to join them. Secondly, she had to go to Piermont, NY and wait in front of the gazebo.

I arrived at there, and with my friend Kyle, skipped and sang "Don’t you wish your boyfriend was hot like me" all the way to the gazebo, so she would think it was part of the competition. I went up to her, and pulled out another envelope that instructed me to find the balloon with the question mark and burst it, as I created a song/poem and sang it to her.

She handed me the balloon, and here’s what I said…

"I’m standing here in Piermont, with some balloon I have to burst, the trust is there’re really 2 questions I have to pop, this one just happens to be the first…(I popped the balloon, and grabbed her hand) You, it’s only you…you’re my dreams reality, So as I kneel I ask this question…Will You Marry Me?

She didn’t know what hit her. It was priceless. Here’s a link to the video I had a friend record for us.

Proposal Story By:

Rafael E. Lara

Nyack, NY


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