3) Will You Marry Me? Will You Marry Me?

On a fall evening in September, Greg decided that he wanted to take me out on the town for the evening. I "dolled up" with an evening gown and heels, and when Greg arrived at my house he informed me that I must put outdoor sandals on. This peaked my curiousity, but I kindly obeyed.  He escorted me to my car and placed a blindfold around my eyes to prevent me from knowing the location of his well-planned event.

At this point, I guessed that something big was going to happen, namely that Greg would ask me to marry him. However, I tried my best to push this out of my mind and not let nerves get the best of me. In Greg’s car, he did not have air conditioning, and as a result we had to drive with the windows down. When other drivers saw me with my eyes blindfolded, they thought that I was being kidnapped! It made for an eventful car ride. So after about 20 minutes we arrived at the predestined spot in the wilderness.

Greg opened the door for me, led me down a dirt path, only to open my eyes to see a cavern decorated with hundreds of candles covering the walls of the cavern and all across the shallow lake. It was so marvelous, and I couldn’t speak. In the middle of the floating candles on the shallow lake, a table for two was set-up. Greg led me down the embankment (good thing I wore outdoor sandals!) and pulled out my chair for me to sit down. In the background, he had a collection of romantic music playing, and he fed me shishkabobs (which he had made earlier in the day at this location!) and wine, and we laughed and enjoyed our time together. 

I tried to pretend like I wasn’t nervous, but I was shaking and could hardly eat. Greg then asked me if I would like to dance, so he led me out to the shallow lake where we danced to beautiful music on the water surrounded by hundreds of candles. It was truly magnificent. After we danced, Greg led me back to my seat where he gave me tasty treats from a local bakery for dessert, again which I could hardly eat! After dessert, Greg led me to a small collection of blankets that were laid across the ground and a canapy across the top of us. He sat me down and told me he was going to play a song that he had written for me. At this point, I was so nervous I was shaking, but I tried my best to hide it. He had played the song for me previously, so I listened and sung along, until I realized that he had added a line at the end.

The song lyrics were "Will you stay with me? Will you marry me?" I did a double take when I realized what he was saying and nodded my head yes! We kissed and it was fantastic, but that’s not the end yet! Soon after he proposed, we both saw car lights on the horizon above us, and Greg informed me that all during the evening he had been trying to hurry through his planned events because the park we were in was closing soon. We soon realized that the car head lights were probably from a local police officer, so Greg climbed the embankment to speak with him, tell him he just proposed, and tell him we would leave shortly.

Well, the police officer was not too kind. He yelled at Greg in a country accent, saying "Who are you with? Where are you at?"He pointed a flashlight at Greg and insisted that Greg run to our location to show him. Well, at this point I had not heard a thing, but only saw Greg skiing down the embankment, grabbing candles, and picking up his decorations as fast as he could. I quickly followed suit when the police officer yelled over the cliff "Ya’ll got 10 minutes to clean this ‘stuff’ up!" Greg and I cleaned up all that we could, and attempted to bring only the important things with us.

We stumbled up the embankment and managed to make it to the top of the cavern. I had been worrying because Greg was under the age of 21, and both of us had drunk wine, luckily only a glass each. I was convinced that Greg and I would be going to jail, and this would have been truly a night to remember! The police officer then asked us to pour out the wine (luckily he did not ask for ID!) and then had the audacity to say, "I liked ya’lls set-up down there.” It was truly a night full of romance and adventure!!!


Proposal Story by:

Chelsea Eland

Norman, OK


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