3) Totally Surprised

The goal of Kyles proposal was for me to be totally surprised, and he pulled it off! He is quite the straight-laced, up-tight sort of guy who always has plans set to a tee. So, I always knew I would be hot on his trail when he decided to propose to me. I envisioned him being nervous and tense about our schedule and plans so as to not mess anything up.

So, I had no idea that he was going to propose when we decided last minute to go on a double date with some of our friends to a symphony concert in the botanical gardens. I even asked if we could invite another couple right before we left and he said "sure, go ahead." This ensured me that nothing special was going to happen tonight. We went and picked up food for a picnic and a bottle of wine. When we got to the park the symphony was playing and we laid down our blanket to enjoy a glass of wine and the music before we ate. Romance was not the only thing in the air. The temperature outside felt like 100 degrees and my both of us kept wiping the sweat from our brows. Because of the heat, my Kyle decided we should take a walk to get some air. It was the perfect plan to get me away from all the people and into the beautiful gardens.

We walked out of the concert and were talking hand in hand when we "stumbled" across a bench near a small pond. We sat down and I still had no clue what was about to happen. He told me he hadn’t done anything special for me in a while and wanted to express how much he loved me. He pulled out a bound book from his pocket, entitled "50 Things I Love About You." The book was written by him! To me, this was merely a sweet gesture. We were on a double date, for goodness sake, and I didnt even have a manicurehe couldnt dare propose! But, he opened the book and started reading each reason he loved me.

Tears filled my eyes as I listened to these heartfelt words from the man I loved. Each page got a little more serious until the last page read, "I love you because you are the only woman I will ever ask this question…" Then he got down on one knee asked me to marry him. I popped up from the bench too surprised and overwhelmed to answer. We embraced and then I screamed with excitement! He said, "I hope that means ‘yes’." Then, he put the ring on my finger and told me that there was a party for us at my house. My family was waiting with champagne and cake to celebrate such a wonderful occasion.


Proposal Story By:

Anna Hinze

Austin, TX


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