3) This Seems Familiar to Me

I met my fiance, Edwin, in my first year of
University. We began dating a month later and contuined dating
on and off for the next 4 years. In our last year of University
we went to New Orleans for Spring Break. Edwin found a Master’s
program that he like there and much to my dismay moved 1,300 miles
away a few months after graduation. I didn’t know what was going
to happen with us until Edwin phoned me up two months later and
asked me to move down with him. A year later I did. In June 2004,
Edwin was accepted to Medical School in New Orleans and we began
to plan our future together.

Now to understand my proposal, I have
to take you back to our first year of University. One night before
we started dating, Edwin and I stayed up till 3am just talking.
We then decided to go out to see if we could find some food.
We eventually ended up on a wooded trail that followed a river.
Looking back it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do with
someone you had only met a month ago. We eventually ended up
in a clearing off the trail beside the river. It was a very romantic
spot with the full moon reflecting of the river and I thought
that he was going to kiss me there for the first time. But he
didn’t. We started dating soon after that and I began to joke
with him about how he had "chickened out" that
night. However he replied that he didn’t even remember going on
that walk and continued to deny it for the next 6 years.

A few weeks after Edwin was accepted to
Medical School, we went home for vacation. One night we went
out to dinner with my bestfriend to celebrate her new job. After
dinner, Edwin and I went for a walk. We ended up on the same
trail from that night in college and Edwin turned to me and said, "This seems familiar to me." I
replied that this was the trail that I had been trying to remind
him about for the last few years. As we continued walking through
the dark, we neared "our" spot. I noticed some light
in the woods and we decided to check it out. The closer we got
the more scared I became because it looked like some sort of weird
ritualistic site out of a horror movie. I didn’t want to get any
closer but Edwin practically had to drag me. There was a path that
was flanked by candles leading to a clearing surrounded by more

In the center of the clearing there was a fallen
tree covered by a white sheet which also covered the ground. The
sheet was covered in rose petals. At that point Edwin turned to
me and said that this was all for me. I still had no idea what
was going on even when he asked me to sit down. To this day I still
don’t remember what he said except for the ending. He told me that
he had been lying to me all these years and that he did remember
this trail and that he was supposed to kiss me that night. He did
chicken out and he had regretted it ever since. He then told me
that he wanted to make it up to me by asking me to kiss him for
the first time as his fiancee. There was a lot of crying (on my
part) and when I came to my senses I said Yes. Edwin then stood
up and said, "Alright,
show’s over….everyone out". Then my best friend and two
of our other friends emerged from the bushes. It turns out that
they had set up the whole thing while we were out at dinner and
had been hiding in the bushes for 2 hours.

Not even in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined a proposal
so meaningful….so heartfelt…so perfect and I will treasure
these memories for the rest of my life.

Proposal Story By:

Stephanie Mooney

New Orleans,

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