3) The Yankee and The Southern Gentleman

I’m a Yankee girl madly in love with a New Orleans born-and-bred Southern Gentleman. We’d been dating for nearly a year and things had been taking a serious a turn. We’d discussed the idea of marriage, but no official proposals had been made.

In July, my boyfriend and I flew up north to surprise my father for his 60th birthday…little did I know that I would be the one to be surprised! My parents were thrilled at our impromptu trip and warmly welcomed us both for the weekend at their home in the country.

My boyfriend, himself a city boy, has always teased me about my farm roots. He has always gotten more of a kick about my chosen profession: I’m an anthropologist fascinated by far-off cultures. I constantly subject him to courtship and ritual stories from around the world. Well, for an engagement I’d never forget, he decided to combine the two!

During dinner on our second evening at my parents’ rural Wisconsin home, John got a call on his cellphone that he just “had to take”. I was surprised, but it wasn’t that unusual for him to need to discuss business. He left the room with an apology for seeming rude. A minute or so later, we heard him calling us from outside the house. My parents and I went out on the deck to see him standing on the lawn below with three tiny goats!

John addressed my parents, saying that he loved me and wanted to make me his wife. He continued saying that he knew things in the north weren’t always the same as in the south, and he wanted to do this right. So, in deference to my parents’ farming background and my career choice, he’d like to offer my family three goats in exchange for my hand in marriage!

My parents laughed delightedly at his stunt. I dashed down off the deck to accept his proposal–livestock or no!

We’re now happily planning our wedding…and the baby goats have returned to the petting zoo he talked into lending them!


Proposal Story By:

Monica Cable

New Orleans, LA


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